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        • Organic purple corn flour

          Healing food of the ancient Incas

          Dragon Superfoods
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          200 grams. Organic flour from purple corn.

          Purple corn is prized because it is rich in anthocyanin - an element responsible for specific and color. Antotsianinat is a powerful antioxidant / purple corn has more antioxidants than blueberries / it slows aging, improves blood circulation. The content of phenolics, and helps prevent capillary tissue regeneration, reduces the level of cholesterol, and has a strong anti-inflammatory effect. It also protects the blood vessels of the free radicals and support the formation of collagen in the body. Improves microcirculation and protects blood vessels, purple corn also has a role in preventing obesity, hypoglycemia and diabetes. Studies have shown that consumption of foods with polyphenol components are associated with decreased risk of developing cardiovascular disease and cancer.
          Can be used as added to other flours or raw chocolate or bread.

          Use: 1/2 tsp (about 2 grams) per day.

          100 grams. include:
          Energy 152 Kcal
          Protein 0 g
          Fat 2.3 g
          Carbohydrates 74.7 g
          Fiber 2.30 mg
          Anthocyanin 164.0 mg

          Manufacturer: Dragon Superfoods

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