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        • Bio Aronia powder

          Bio Aronia powder

          Dragon Superfoods
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          Bio Aronia powder, 200 grams.

          Certified organic product

          Aronia comes from North America, but today is grown in many countries, incl. and Bulgaria.

          Aronia grown in Bulgaria is high and has grown in ecologically clean regions, making it an ideal addition to the daily menu.

          Aronia contains up to 18% dry matter, fructose and glucose, which is a good diet for diabetics. Part of the black oxide content is organic acids, pectin and tabby substances. Aronia has a high content of vitamin P, probably the only fruit in our area with such vitamin content. It is closely related to the absorption of antioxidant vitamin C - vitamin P deficiency, vitamin C is poorly absorbed by the body, weakness develops, rapid fatigue feels. Aronia also contains vitamins C, K, B1, B2, B5, B9. The content of iodine in the fruit of the plant is 3-4 times greater than that of the other berries.

          Aronia has many benefits, some of which are:
          1. Tasty source of antioxidants
          2. Fight against cardiovascular disease and maintain high blood pressure in the norm
          3. Fruits of the aronia contain iodine and phenolic carbonic acids that treat thyroid diseases
          4. Helps urinary tract health
          5. Has anti-inflammatory properties
          6. Fighting with bacteria and viruses, helping to recover swiftly influenza and colds
          7. Strengthens memory and supports concentration
          8. Stimulates digestion and reduces the risk of inferior bowel diseases
          9. Helps produce so-called good cholesterol, HDL
          10. Provides the body with polyphenols and vitamin P

          Safe consumption
          Aronia has a strong laxative effect due to the natural sweetener of sorbitol contained in the fleshy aronia. The sheet also contains oxalic acid that can form crystals in the oxalate stones of the kidneys. Aronia juice should be taken gently by people with urinary tract problems and diluted with plenty of water. Oxalic acid interacts with the absorption of calcium and magnesium.

          100 g. include: Energy (kj / kcal) 1339/320

          Energy 372.84kcal / 1561kJ
          Fat 0,65g
          - Of which saturates 0 g
          Carbohydrates 77 g
          - Of which sugars 41 g
          Protein 2.2 g
          28 g fiber
          Sol 0.00225mg

          Store in a dry, cool place.

          Origin: Bulgaria
          Brand: Dragon Superfoods

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