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          These Terms govern the relationship between KC Engineering Ltd (owner of the online shop NaturalniProdukti.com) on the one hand and consumer electronic store NaturalniProdukti. These terms apply to all customers. By clicking on each object, link or button located on pages NaturalniProdukti.com (excluding the link to the current General Rules), the user agrees to these Terms and electronic statement within the meaning of the Electronic Document and Electronic Signature and declares that he is aware and accepts the general rules.
          KC Engineering Ltd is a company registered under the Commercial Code of the Republic of Bulgaria, with its registered office at:
          Sofia kv.Suhodol ul.Kiril Hristov 48
          Unique Identification Code: 200765746; Person: Liliana Valchovski

          KC Engineering Ltd is a data controller Certificate № 356705. The information collected by KC Engineering using NaturalniProdukti.com will be used only for the purposes and in accordance with the Data Protection Act. KC Engineering Ltd will not provide information to third parties without the express consent of the visitor. We do not attach, sell or otherwise distribute your personal information to third parties for any reason, except when it is not imposed by law or court order.
          To purchase goods and / or services from NaturalniProdukti.com, you must:
              Yeah you are at least eighteen (18) years;
              -Do you have filled in true electronic registration form;
              -Specify an accurate and valid telephone and address for delivery;
              -To provide access and opportunity to receive the goods.
          KC Engineering may request additional confirmation including telephone and / or email.
          In case of refusal to the above required information automatically result in the cancellation of your order with or without further notice.
          KC Engineering Ltd reserves the right to refuse to confirm any order due to stock availability or for any other reason, notifying the user of the refusal and the reason therefor.
          After completing the order, you will receive an automatic confirmation to Your email address. From this moment the application is deemed accepted and enforceable by NaturalniProdukti.com. In an order KC Engineering Ltd. is committed to purchase products from customer desire entirely on his behalf and send them immediately after the specified address. In case of failure to comply with part of the order or the entire order, you will receive additional notification e-mail.
          Upon receipt of ordered products NaturalniProdukti.com, together with these Terms shall constitute full regulation of contractual relations of the two countries.
          KC Engineering Ltd reserves the right to update the contents NaturalniProdukti.com at any time without notice, which includes changes to the products and prices. These changes will not affect the already made and confirmed orders to be executed under the conditions that were current at the time of confirmation of the order.
          KC Engineering Ltd reserves the right, in its sole discretion at any time to modify, add or remove portions of these Terms. It is your responsibility to check these Terms and fail at any time before using NaturalniProdukti.com. The fact that you continue to use NaturalniProdukti.com after publication of the changes is taken as confirmation that you agree with these changes to these General Rules. You hereby agree that all subsequent purchases are governed by the general rules applicable to the publication of the revised Terms, then in accordance with such modified Terms.
          KC Engineering Ltd is not responsible for the sites and their content, are not part of the site NaturalniProdukti.com, no commitment to pursue any site to which a link to illegal content, copyright, pornography, racism and any other activities prohibited by the laws of the Republic of Bulgaria. In the event that a user has noticed similar offense shall notify them KC Engineering to be removed links'm offending site.
          Disclaimer: KC Engineering Ltd is not responsible for possible incidental deficiencies related to timeliness of information contained in NaturalniProdukti.com; shall not be liable for the consequences, including any damages arising from or connected in any way connected with access to or use of NaturalniProdukti.com; bears no responsibility for the integrity of the information in NaturalniProdukti.com of computer viruses or other threats. Set out in NaturalniProdukti.com information in accordance with applicable law, its use by users is voluntary and on their own initiative. KC Engineering Ltd is not responsible for the completeness, validity and substance of the information contained in the sites referenced. KC Engineering Ltd is not liable for any damages caused to the user when using the services on the website. KC Engineering Ltd does not guarantee free and uninterrupted access to the domain NaturalniProdukti.com, for reasons beyond our control. KC Engineering Ltd is not responsible for the sudden depletion of stocks. KC Engineering Ltd is not responsible for any inaccuracies in the information about the goods provided by the manufacturer. KC Engineering Ltd is not responsible for delay or failure to perform its obligations for reasons beyond our control. KC Engineering undertakes to comply with the agreements with the user with due diligence.
          Sale of products shall be governed by the laws of the Republic of Bulgaria.

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