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        • Organic maca powder

          Maca is a rich source of plant sterols (sitosterol, sampestrol, ergosterol and brassicasterol ergostadienol).

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          200 g BioMax Powder is a superfood for maintaining the body's energy levels in everyday life. This edible root has traditionally been used as a food to support the body's stamina and resistance, as well as a natural aphrodisiac with a beneficial effect on normal hormonal balance.

          Maca (Lepidium meyenii) originates from South America, grows at high altitude, on cold conditions and poor soils and is one of the few plants that survive in the harsh conditions of the Andes. The herb is appreciated and used because of its edible root. Apart from being a food for locals, it is widely distributed, mostly dry and powdered. Concentrated content of rich nutritional composition of vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates make it one of the favorite super foods.
          Maca Powder Like Superfood:

          Rich in carbohydrates, powdered macarons charge the body with energy, promotes the body's durability and adaptation, making it a much-liked addition to the protein shake for athletes and physically active people. It is popular as an aphrodisiac food, therefore it is also used as a natural remedy with a beneficial effect on the normal functions of the hormonal system and the hormonal balance in the body.

          Maca Powder has a slightly sweet taste and aroma. Very suitable for adding to a banana shake / confusion, to a protein beverage before workout for more energy and durability. It is often used in recipes for raw desserts. Add to vegetable milk and / or add to the breakfast cereal for the energy start of the day.

          Ingredients: 100% root powder *
          * bio certified product * vegan * raw

          Use: 3 to 5 g daily in shake, raw desserts, salads and meals. It is advisable to start with the minimum amount by increasing the dose gradually over time. It is good to do a rest every 4 weeks of regular use.

          Nutritional value per 100 g:
          Energy value (kJ / kcal) 1512/357
          Fat (g) 1.02
          - of which saturated fatty acids (g) 1
          Carbohydrates (g) 69.4
          - of which sugars (g) 31,3
          Proteins (g) 14
          Fiber (g) 7.1
          Salt (g) 0.098

          Origin: Peru

          Naturally, Peruvian baked or dried root and then ground into powder. Our maca is dried and powdered. Body is easier to absorb dust poppy than if you eat very root.

          Can be added to juices, muesli, yogurt, fruit salads. Some manufacturers add poppy in chocolates, cakes, soups and more.

          First-time Adoption of Maca powder: It is better to start with half a teaspoon per day dissolved in water or juice, which is not much and you may not feel the effect or vice versa - if you give pleasure and like the scent it, you can increase to 1 teaspoon.

          Save adopted by the 1/2 teaspoon until you reach your threshold. It being understood that there will be an increased flow of energy and can be symptoms of detoxification. If you have symptoms to detoxify, it is better to lower the dose again.

          Once symptoms subside, you can take more poppy. Regular intake of maca: regular consumption is recommended one week vacation every month!

          Rest of making super foods can sometimes increase their impact. Peruvian Maca is time to take the body.

          It is important for one hour before and one hour after its adoption, not eating anything.

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