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        • Bio Chlorella powder

          Superfoods that balances pH and detoxifies the body

          Dragon Superfoods
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          Chlorella is a compact superfood that really helps the body. This is evidenced by the high chlorophyll content, proteins, essential nutrients and antioxidants.

          Bio Chlorella powder, 200 grams

          Superfoods that balanced pH and detoxifies the body, algae youth.

          Microscopic spherical alga Chlorella is a preferred food source for many. It contains beta carotene, B vitamins, vitamin. E and C, magnesium, sodium, calcium, zinc, tselyazo and enzymes pepsin and chlorophyllase.

          Chlorella protect against heart disease, reduce blood pressure and cholesterol, slows the aging process, promotes the formation of red blood cells, improves digestion and balance the acidity.

          Average nutritional values ​​of 100 g .:
          Energy 1717KJ
          Protein 58g
          Fat 9g
          Carbohydrates 23g
          Calcium 221mg
          Magnesium 10mg

          How to take Chlorella
          For a start, the best start with a small amount of chlorine per day. Half to one teaspoon per day to "meet" with its taste and to determine how you act.

          Bio Chlorella is a great superfood! Recommended daily dose to 5 grams or one teaspoon per day.
          It is half an hour before meals for best results on the body and hranismilatelniyat tract.
          Chlorella powder can take the juice to your taste (preferably fresh), you just have to try to love the combination can also be added to breakfast with oatmeal or bran.
          Certified organic product.
          Origin: India
          Brand: Dragon Superfoods

          Chlorella name comes from the Greek word chloros- green and the Latin suffix ella- least in rough translation means little and green. Chlorella has been studied by many scientists at the cellular level. In fact, the researcher Melvin Calvin received the Nobel Prize ....
          Chlorella contains large amounts of protein. When dried Chlorella is 45% protein. This makes it an amazing nutritional supplement due to high recovery effect. Also contains fiber, polyunsaturated fats and essential nutrients.
          One of the main health benefits of Chlorella's ability to detoxify the body. Modernization created a highly toxic world. Chemicals, toxins and other pests are everywhere. They can enter the body and cause serious health problems. Chlorella helps to purge the body of these toxins. It is indicated in the elimination of toxins from the bodies of humans and animals, including radiation and chemicals found in milk.
          This unique food is considered one of the best seaweed products used for detoxification as it binds selectively with toxins. This means that it removes important constituents of the body, but only harmful toxins.
          Chlorella is a good addition to the immune system. It helps the body to increase its natural defenses and boost immunity as a whole. People taking chlorella say they feel healthy and protected from diseases. Some believe that gives more energy to the body.
          This superfood and assist digestion. This is due to the complement of pepsin and chlorophyll to the digestive tract. Also it nourishes and restores the bacteria in the gut that helps digestion.
          Many people who take chlorella find that it helps eliminate bad breath and unpleasant particles in the mouth. Chlorophyll, one of the main components in the chlorine is very effective in removing these particular particles. This leads to reduction of bad breath.
          Chlorella is also rich in antioxidants such as beta carotene. Ba This helps the body to defend against harmful free radicals that damage cells. These injured cells contribute to the formation of cancer and other diseases.
          Chlorophyll, one of the main ingredients of chlorine is the cause of green and color. Once penetrate into the body, it has to act positively. Helps to increase oxygen production. Purifies the blood and the body and helps the recovery and resumption of vital tissues.

          The most characteristic of it is the growth factor and rich in chlorophyll. Chlorophyll has hematopoietic effect.

          Chlorella helps the removal of heavy metals from the body, improves digestion, absorption and excretion. Contains fibers that stimulate peristalsis, help the growth of beneficial bacteria in the tract and the regular release. There are many cases of people who have overcome ulcer and gastritis, taking chlorella. External wounds also heal very quickly when you sprinkle them with a little chlorine.

          Specific to algae is that apart from being highly nutritious as food for the body, they also balance and purify the body and are excellent food for the mind. Strongly influence increased clarity of mind, focus and concentration.

          Microalgae are the rich:
          - Proteins - about 60% complete and easily digestible
          - All essential and essential amino acids in proportions similar to those in the human body
          - Chlorophyll - green pigment forming a powerful antioxidant effect and
          - Phycocyanin - blue pigment with strong anti-inflammatory effect
          - Beta-carotene
          - Full range of essential vitamins and minerals in an easily assimilated, organic form
          - Phenylethylamine, a substance adequately concentration
          - Unsaturated fatty acids, especially omega-3 and omega-6
          - DNA - containing 4%, a strong rejuvenating effect
          Patented is a study of doctors Christian Drapeau and Gitte Jensen nutrition with AFA. Issued in 2004. in U.S. Patent No 6814961 registration feeding APA as a means for activating movement of adult stem cells - concomitant treatment of Parkinson's disease, Alzheimer's disease, diabetes, multiple sclerosis, cardiac infarction and regeneration. Five grams of AFA algae increased production and circulation of adult stem cells from bone marrow, which travels through the blood fall of damaged cells from heart, liver, brain, muscle and restore them, ie can be turned in any type of cell. This is a revolutionary theory, treatment and recovery. According to this theory it is not necessary to take into embryonic stem cells to be treated, and then back to be injected into humans. According to her bone marrow stem cells leave the bone marrow and travel throughout the body, caring for treatment and recovery of damaged organs throughout your life. Only one natural ingredient known so far AFA. Dr. Drapeau visited Bulgaria has published his book "perennial food" dedicated to the AFA.

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