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    • Cocoa butter 280g

      Cocoa butter helps blackening of the skin while hydrating it.

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      Cocoa butter, raw, unrefined, 280 g.

      - 100% natural product
      - Raw, unrefined cocoa butter
      - For culinary and cosmetic use
      - Does not contain impurities and technological additives

      Cocoa butter is widely used in the cosmetics industry and also in a number of spa treatments. Cocoa butter is an ingredient in a number of lotions and creams.

      Cocoa butter has great moisturizing properties and you won't go wrong if you use it more often.

      Purity and natural origin make cocoa butter suitable for use even during pregnancy. Lotions and oils that contain cocoa butter are also used in aromatherapy massages, helping to completely relax the body, calm and create a good mood.

      Raw cocoa butter is also a key ingredient in many desserts and confections.

      Health Benefits of Cocoa Butter:
      Cocoa butter is a type of fat extracted from the beans of the Theobroma cacao plant and is used as a raw material in the production of chocolate products, incl. pastries and bars and lattes.

      Cocoa butter consists of a combination of saturated and unsaturated fatty acids. Cocoa bean butter contains approximately 60% saturated fat (palmitic, stearic, lauric and myristic acid), 35% monounsaturated fat (oleic acid) and 1% polyunsaturated fat (linoleic acid).

      Cocoa butter is high in vitamin D2, a precursor to the active form of vitamin D in the body.

      Cocoa butter is also rich in a number of minerals, including:
      - Potassium - helps lower blood pressure;
      - Phosphorus - supports bone health;
      - Honey - supports brain health;
      - Iron - supports the activity of red blood cells;
      - Zinc - supports the immune system;
      - Magnesium - supports muscle and nerve health.

      Rubbing cocoa butter into the skin has been scientifically proven to help create silky softness, reduce stress levels, and even boost the immune system.

      Cosmetic benefits of cocoa butter:
      Cocoa butter is recommended for treating skin problems such as stretch marks, eczema and dermatitis.

      The main beneficial effects of cocoa butter on the skin, which is why it is used in cosmetics, are:
      - supports the tanning of the skin, giving it a healthy and even tan without causing a burn and soothes it if it is already burnt;
      - strongly hydrates and regenerates it, makes it smooth and soft;
      - replenishes the lack of vitamins and minerals in the skin, gives elasticity;
      - actively affects the removal of stretch marks and scars;
      - restores its natural shine;
      - smoothes out wrinkles and prevents the appearance of new ones;
      - helps overcome inflammatory processes without causing allergies;
      - acts as a natural sun filter and protects against moisture loss and the appearance of pigment spots;
      - has an antioxidant effect and neutralizes harmful radicals.

      Massages with cocoa butter wonderfully tone the skin, facilitate the removal of toxins from the body through it, support the release of subcutaneous fat, which is why it is present in natural anti-cellulite products. In addition, it perfectly relaxes the muscles, has a positive effect on the nervous system - it has a mild but stable effect to improve the mood, activates the body for the production of "hormones of happiness". A wonderful means of protecting the exposed parts of the body in winter - face, lips, hands, rubs in well and does not leave an oily film. It is useful to use in all aggressive environmental influences - from strong wind to polluted city air. The more sensitive your skin is, the better you will appreciate the wonderful properties of this oil or the products that contain it.

      What color should real, raw cocoa butter be?

      The color of cocoa butter varies from "ivory" to brown. It is one of the most stable and solid fats known, with a smooth consistency and a flavor that is loved by all. It contains natural antioxidants that slow down its rancidity and can be stored longer - from 2 to 5 years, usually in easily breakable pieces.

      For use in cooking and cosmetic purposes.

      100% natural, raw cocoa butter.

      Does not contain impurities and technological additives!

      Nutritional values ​​per 100 g:
      Energy: 3700 kJ / 884 kcal
      Fat: 100 g
      of which saturated: 60 g
      Carbohydrates: 0 g
      of which sugars: 0 g
      Fiber: 0 g
      Protein: 0 g
      Salt: 0 g

      Method of use:

      Culinary use:
      It can be used to make various confectionery such as homemade chocolate, raw desserts, smoothies, creams, cakes, cupcakes, etc.

      Cosmetic use:
      For direct application on the skin of the face and body or as a component in various cosmetic products. Cocoa butter is suitable for use at the beach, with the aim of obtaining a beautiful, even and healthy tan.

      Raw cocoa butter has a solid consistency. Upon contact with the skin, it instantly melts.

      Cocoa butter is applied directly to the skin and rubbed in with gentle, circular motions. Cocoa butter absorbs instantly.

      Cocoa butter is also suitable for sensitive skin, as it naturally nourishes it and helps retain moisture in it.

      Cocoa butter changes its consistency at different temperatures. At a higher temperature, cocoa bean butter softens and liquefies. At a low temperature, any oil hardens its consistency.

      Packaging: 280 g in a glass jar

      How and when used cocoa butter question? When we want to cure local infections of the skin to influence psoriasis, acne, stretch marks and scars. When we need to take care of the skin exposed to strong sunlight - commented cocoa butter makes an effective filter for UV-rays at moisturizes and protects against dryness, promote the creation of good chocolate complexion, at that - prevent burns. Treated with cocoa butter skin becomes soft and supple; it is a proven means to combat premature aging of the epithelium and the formation of wrinkles and pigmentation.

      In summary: thanks to carefully vtritoto cocoa butter skin gets certain antioxidant protection, while being fueled with natural combination of trace elements and vitamins.
      How to know whether it is good: raw (virgin)

      Demand for interesting product useful as cocoa butter stimulate the development of this market niche, along with the emergence of various low-grade options and fakes. How to recognize quality cocoa butter and what to look for?

      Pure, raw cocoa butter is naturally hardened product with a strong antioxidant effect. The composition allows it to be easily stored after harvest - it does not lose its qualities of two to five years and without special care; unlike other natural oils are not easily rancid.

      The real benefit of the product can be felt if we procure raw cocoa butter It is produced by the method of cold pressing - so all the useful natural ingredients are kept fully.

      There are some simple indicators which raw cocoa butter can be recognized:
          In contrast, refined - white - cocoa butter, it is beige, a yellowish or brownish.
          Raw chocolate has a sweet flavor, while bullion is almost odorless.
          Virgin remains solid at room temperature and refined soften. To change this feature, raw cocoa butter must be in contact with the human body - the temperature of its melting is 35-36 degrees.

      Quality cocoa butter should be stored in a cool, dry place. It is best to buy small packs, the product should be kept in the refrigerator in the original container and do not allow long outdoor temperatures above 25 degrees. Compliance with these conditions is a guarantee that your raw cocoa butter will maintain its quality for at least two years.

      What is
      Already mentioned what it is used famed cocoa butter, but to reiterate: it cares about the condition of the skin, treat some skin diseases, nourishes and slows the aging process in epithelial cells counteract unpleasant phenomena such as scars and stretch marks. The original pure cocoa butter is an ingredient in many creams and lotions with moisturizing effect. Thanks to him, the skin remains supple, soft and radiant. It is possible that cold-pressed cocoa butter without additional supplements be used as a cream; rubbing his neck and around his eyes, relaxes and removes wrinkles.
      At the same time it should not forget that cocoa butter can be made healthy cakes, homemade chocolate and beverages.

      Against wrinkles
      With cocoa butter are made very useful ointments for skin
      This is one of the most typical cases of successful application of ointments with cocoa butter, natural composition makes the skin supple, hydrated her smooths wrinkles and prevents new ones. Cocoa butter heralded as light cream after showering and before bedtime: facial skin will be nourished, areas with wrinkles - hydrated and aging processes in epithelial cells will slow down.

      Experts do not accidentally say the creams and lotions with cocoa butter are suitable for any skin and each area of ​​the body. The application of such products or even just pure cocoa butter improves antioxidant protection of the skin, moisturize it and prevent it from drying and flaking, calms it, makes it supple.

      Transdermal penetration of the components of pure cocoa butter in the body, according to Japanese specialists neutralize stress and act strengthening the immune system.

      Raw pressed cocoa butter is ready nourishing hair mask. In this type of application play a crucial role essential amino acids that it contains. Suffice it once a week to make a mask with melted in a water bath cocoa butter, which we shot a little flavor of ylang-ylang, orange or tea tree oil. After namazhem scalp and hair along its entire length, wrap the head with a warm and slightly damp towel for 30-40 minutes. Wash with mild shampoo.

      For a nice tan (sun)
      Wonderful cocoa butter is one of three tropical origin who own properties a natural sun protection - others are coconut and shea butter. They are quite thick, not completely absorbed and not evaporated, which allows to form on the skin a natural protective film with UV-factor of 2 to 5. Among the mentioned three our cocoa butter is the most intense and tightly, so in need of protection from the sun is good to mix it with another - for example, coconut or sesame as a good antioxidant. The combination of natural oils not only a good sunscreen, but also helps the skin to stay hydrated and to acquire a gorgeous tan. With cocoa butter can get a great tan without the burn!

      Massage against stretch marks, cellulite
      How to use coconut oil against stretch marks and cellulite?
      Already we commented on some of the most important qualities of natural cocoa butter: it protects the skin from drying and moisturize it maintains its softness and elasticity, slows aging of epithelial cells and prevents new wrinkles. For these reasons, with cocoa butter may be prepared successful massage cream, stretch marks, cellulite and scars. Rubbing this cream protects the skin from distortions inherent in the listed events. If they already have emerged - it helps them quickly overcome.

      In such a wonderfully creamy cocoa butter combined with extra virgin olive oil, honey and essential oil like lavender.

      Stretch marks can occur during pregnancy and lactation and breast. To preserve the bust and the skin of this delicate place to stay smooth and supple, the cream of the above recipe should be used regularly. It is better to take precautions in advance, and not only when distortions are a fact!
      Works and pure natural cocoa butter, is enough small quantities of it to rub each day in the area of ​​the breast

      Any cosmetic counter can offer quality lip balms. Their use during the cold days is a must if you do not want to suffer from chapped and split lips. We can handle ourselves with this problem - it is easy to prepare at home lip balm with cocoa butter. The best lip balm with cocoa butter contains coconut oil and beeswax. The three ingredients in equal quantities and mix warm water bath at low heat. The mixture is then flavored with 2-3 drops of essential oil if desired, and is packed in a beautiful jar. This mixture lasts a long time in the refrigerator; depending on the amount which you have prepared - may be enough for the whole winter.

      Here variants are also two main types can be used pure cocoa butter for deep hydration or a combination of beneficial ingredients. With cocoa butter are made and a lot of the best prepared creams and emulsions toilets we can buy ready-made.
      Here's a suggestion for homemade cream with cocoa butter: Required '15 cocoa butter, beeswax '10, 100 ml jojoba oil, distilled water. The ingredients - without water - is mixed with constant stirring in a water bath When the mixture is homogeneous, begin addition of water with a spoon. Water is not a mandatory component - added only when we want to get thinner emulsion. Instead of water can be added infusion of chamomile or other herbs. Once we have achieved the desired consistency receding court from heat and keep stirring for another 10 minutes. The finished cream in bulk box of cream or jar and store in the refrigerator.

      The bioactive components in natural cocoa butter anti-inflammatory; The product is an excellent antioxidant act effectively on free radicals neutralize possible deficits in epithelial cells from vitamins and trace elements. All this makes the raw cocoa butter an excellent tool for keeping skin acne. Coupled with the right diet, it helps to overcome the problem and restore smooth, radiant skin.

      Breastfeeding is often a trial for young mothers because of sore nipples and sore. Experts recommend that in such cases a set of rules, compliance with which ensures care for mother and baby, preservation of health and neutralize unpleasant experiences.

      The use of coconut oil against psoriasis has the same grounds as in acne. Its application in problem areas alleviates, softens places with plaques and redness. It can be argued that cocoa butter heal completely seriously complex disease. However, its implementation makes sense to relieve symptoms. There are special creams for psoriasis with cocoa butter where the action is supported by bioactive ingredients such as coconut oil, avocado oil and jojoba oils of lavender, bergamot and sandalwood.

      With cocoa butter and powdered herbs can be prepared at home suppositories or suppositories for the treatment of internal hemorrhoids. It is necessary to obtain root black Oman and bark of white oak - the two components in the form of herbal dust. Take equal parts and with warm cocoa butter is kneaded well, until a homogeneous mixture. Are formed candles, we store in the refrigerator. In placing such a candle at bedtime cocoa butter softens and melts, and herbs are released and affect the problematic blood vessels. Cocoa butter itself also acts as an anti-inflammatory component, and an antioxidant.

      Wounds, eczema
      The application of a cream or ointment with cocoa butter with eczema follows rules and effects already commented on the topics of acne and psoriasis. It can be used alone or in combination with other herbs and natural oils.
      Pure cocoa butter helps regenerate damaged skin, anti-inflammatory and prevents purulent processes. This makes its use justifiable in the composition of ointment for the treatment of wounds, particularly burn wounds.

      Lubricants for better intimate contact, with no danger of allergic reactions, can be selected among oil-based products with the participation of cocoa butter.

      In the cafe
      It is alleged that spoonful of cocoa butter in the coffee or tea contribute to the successful implementation of programs for weight reduction. The composition of cocoa butter allows optimizing lipid metabolism, which is one of the conditions for weight loss.

      with olive oil
      Coupled with olive oil, beneficial cocoa butter gives a good basic combination of various deep moisturizing creams and emulsions for face and body. One of the most popular pets face creams with cocoa butter contains these two components, together with coconut oil and lavender oil. Combining cocoa butter and olive oil makes the final product lighter, successfully blocking cell aging and preserves the elasticity of the skin without wrinkles.

      With coconut oil
      Combining the two allows oils to achieve faster effect of their beneficial effects. Very well reflects this combination in the preparation of sunscreen and sun protective lotion: both ingredients are safe natural "filter", thanks to which the skin is protected from sunburn and acquired a great tan.

      Cooking: Candy
      A great temptation for gluttons is quality cocoa butter. It has a delicate, sweet flavor and is suitable for preparation of domestic candy. It is preferable to moisture in harsh deserts, as high temperatures - baking or cooking - destroying some of its beneficial components. With cocoa butter can prepare healthy homemade chocolate - light or dark, and the mixture is mixed and coconut oil, cocoa, honey, carob flour, hemp seeds, dried fruits.

      Let your creativity to select Secker, which easily prepare necessarily requires the use of cocoa butter. Besides health sladshishtite with cocoa butter are quick to prepare. As a rule, they do not require baking, even it they are contraindicated. If to the aforementioned ingredients, add the powdered cookies, we can prepare raw dough with cocoa butter for a healthy cake!

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