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            Phytochai Tiande - collection

            100% natural herbal tea collection TianDe, created according to the canons of Eastern herbal medicine.

            The herbs for the phyto-herbs gather at the foot of Mount Belluha in the Uimon Valley. This is a blessed place in the heart of Altai, clean and untouched by civilization. The herbs grown in the valley have a 4 to 12-fold higher concentration of bioactivity than the same herbs grown in other areas of the globe.

            Herbs are processed at low pressure and at an optimal temperature, which increases the extraction rate for multiple infusions (compared to phytocoans that are not subject to such treatment). Phytochaea bags have three-layer packaging, including sachets, box and film. This reliably protects vitamins as well as plant micro- and macro-elements.

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