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        • Bovine gelatin 100% natural

          Gelatin relieves joint pain and improves flexibility of the joints, strengthens hair and nails.

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          150 g Bovine gelatin, 100% natural

          Ingredients: 100% natural bovine gelatin from bones and joints with the highest degree of gelatinization - 260 Bloom

          Origin: Belgium

          It relieves joint pain and improves the flexibility of joints, strengthens hair and nails.

          Relieves joint pain and improves flexibility of the joints, strengthens hair and nails.

          Bovine gelatin is a pale yellow, dried protein material obtained by extracting water from partially hydrolysed collagen derived from animal tissues with a characteristic broth like scent and smell. It is a natural product, a good source of protein and collagen, contributing to a varied diet. Gelatin improves digestion and has a mild laxative effect.

          Gelatine is a food that has the ability to not only strengthen hair and nails, but the joints of the body. Eating gelatin helps reduce joint pain in the knees and flexibility in older people, sportsmen and people with impaired motor activity.

          Nutritional values ​​per 100 grams:
          Energy (kcal) 342/1050
          Solids> 88 g
          Ash Protein = 85,5 g
          Carbohydrates <0,5 g
          Dietary fiber 0 g
          Fat <0,05 g

          Usage: 10 g of gelatin is soaked in 30 g of water for about 10-15 minutes until it is swollen. Then add another 300 g of water / juice and stir in a water bath at 50 ° C until completely dissolved. Then place in the desired shape and refrigerate for 2-3 hours.

          RECIPE: Evening soak 1 tsp 100 g gelatin in water (up to 50 ° C or lose their properties), yogurt or other beverage. Stir and leave until morning to swell.
          In the morning, add another 50-100 g. Of the liquid, stir and drink it on an empty stomach. The course lasts from 1 to 3 months. After 1 year may repeat. This is a way to restore normal mobility of joints.

          Do not take medication without consulting with a specialist!
          Consumption of gelatin as a food supplement shall not preclude consultation and monitoring by your doctor in prevention and treatment.
          The information here on the site is collected from the Internet and contacts with customers.

          Gelatin is a simple protein obtained by the hydrolysis of collagen from animal bones or cartilages cooked in water.
          It is easily soluble in water, and the resulting solutions tend to thicken in jelly.

          Gelatin has beneficial effects in the following diseases: arthritis, arthrosis, vasculitis, gonarthrosis, coxarthrosis, osteoporosis, osteohexrosis, rheumatoid arthritis, scoliosis, bone fractures and sprains, hip joint,

          - Strengthens the joints;
          - Increases elasticity and strengthens tendons and ligaments.
          - Supports the work of the heart;
          - Improves metabolism;
          - Improves mental abilities;
          - Stimulates the growth of hair and nails;
          - Regular use reduces wrinkles and prevents the appearance of new ones;
          - It has a beneficial effect on the treatment of dysplasia.

          Amino acids contained in gelatin are a source of energy for the body. They strengthen the heart muscle and are useful for mental activity. Gelatin is also recommended for low blood clotting. Regular use of gelatin is also recommended for gastric, pulmonary and intestinal haemorrhages.

          Ingredients: 100% natural bovine gelatin from bones and joints. Authorized for use in the EU.

          Distributor: NaturalniProdukti

          For wholesalers, please write to lily.valchovska@gmail.com

          Health benefits of gelatin:

          What is gelatin?
          Gelatin is composed mainly of proteins, water and mineral salts. It is used by food manufacturers as texture for providing food additive in foods low in fat and other processed foods.
          Gelatine is a tasteless, translucent substance obtained from the processing of animal by-products, such as connective tissue and bones in which is derived collagen, insoluble fibrous protein. Once extracted and prepared in powdered form, it can be dissolved in hot liquids. Gelatin contains half of the 18 essential amino acids necessary for survival.
          In the past, people have used as much as possible more body parts of animals for food. Our ancestors have consumed all gelatin-rich cartilaginous parts. The flesh of the bodies of the animals were also used for food, the bones were boiled in broth. This was essential for the survival of the people. Quite recently we started to eat only muscle meat, such as depriving them of substances rest of the body of animals can give us.

          1. Gelatine
           is healthy bones and joints - Gelatine contains many amino acids, important for helping prevent weakness and degeneration of cartilage in the joints.
          Gelatin has anti-inflammatory properties, reduces pain and inflammation in arthritis.
          2. Gelatin improves digestion - A simple way to support the digestive system.
          Gelatin has the unique property of attracting the liquid molecules when gelatin powder was dissolved in water. This makes digestion of cooked foods easier.
          When cooked food served with gelatin - digestion easier and the water is reintroduced back into the food. Gelatin naturally binds to water and food helps to more easily move through the digestive tract.
          Kaayla T. Daniel, Ph.D. - The article on the National Science "Why broth is great?" Says the study by Dr. Gotthoffer finding that cooked foods eaten with gelatin digested easily, and infants fed with milk fortified with gelatin had better digestion than those of the usual milk. Also, infants that were fed with milk without gelatin had a higher incidence of allergies and intestinal problems.
          3. Gelatine helps in treating food allergies and intolerances - The addition of gelatin to your diet can cure the lining of the stomach and digestive tract. It is estimated that food allergies / intolerances coming from the 'leaky gut "(leaky guts), the passage of large molecules proteins and toxins through the walls of the intestine.
          Reduce the risk of allergies
          According to nutrition expert Lisa LaBarr, adding gelatin to a child's diet can cure stomach and intestines, thereby reducing food allergies.
          4. Gelatine is loaded with protein - One tablespoon has six grams of protein, it's a great way to add more protein to your diet. Although this is not a complete protein, it helps the body to fully utilize all proteins that have been adopted.
          5. Gelatine helps to release toxins from the body - Glycine (Glycine), amino acid contained in gelatin, helps the liver to more effectively remove toxins from our body. Glycine is easily accessible via gelatin helps to absorb calcium and build muscle.
          6. Gelatine nourishes hair, nails and teeth - Gelatine contains keratin, which is a very strong protein found in hair, nails, teeth and skin.
          Gelatin is made up of collagen, which enters your system and stimulates the body to start putting more collagen. In fact, gelatin is touted as a folk remedy for weak nails, due to the collagen and minerals.
          7. Gelatine improves skin elasticity - Consuming will help improve the look and feel of the skin much more effectively than difficult absorption of collagen facial creams. Gelatine stimulates the body to produce more collagen.
          8. Gelatin helps the acceleration of wound healing - glycine amino acid in the gelatin act strongly anti-inflammatory.
          9. Gelatin can improve your sleep - Clinical studies have shown that not only people sleep better when they consume the amino acid glycine, but they reported less daytime sleepiness and better cognitive function.
          10. Gelatin can help weight loss - Gelatin is believed that increased production of human growth hormone (Human Growth Hormone) and stimulates metabolism. With nutritional content, it helps to feel full after eating.
          11. favorable effect on anemia.

          How to take more gelatin see HERE

          Source: http://zdraveto-dar-ot-boga.blogspot.bg/

          Animal gelatin is a powerful protein product that can affect overall health. With its 18 amino acids, it is recognized as a major source of energy for the central nervous system. It has a proven effect on metabolic processes in the body and the strengthening of the heart muscle. Animal gelatin is indispensable in the treatment of joint pain. Veal gelatin is quite strong, while pork gelatin is better absorbed by the body.

          Get enough collagen

          The clinical picture of joint disease is painfully known literally. The initial discomfort and stiffness quickly turn into unbearable pain and inability to perform basic activities in everyday life. Usually such symptoms are inherent in people over 50, but at an earlier age no one is insured.

          Various joints in the human body can be exposed to a painful attack. The most regularly affected are the knees, ankles, shoulders, wrists and fingers, as well as the hip joints. Depending on what is causing the pain, there is appropriate treatment, including medication and recommended exercise. What significantly improves the condition is the intake of gelatin.

          The gelatin product is extracted from collagen in animal raw materials. This makes it such a good tool for repairing joint damage. Over time, collagen in the joints breaks down and breaks down, leading to some of the most unpleasant diseases, such as osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, coxarthrosis and gonarthrosis. Gelatin manages to stop the progressive disease and limit the inflammatory process.

          Look for 100% natural animal gelatin

          Our bones require constant care and attention to enjoy the pleasure of painless movement and various sports. Our skeletal system is built so that if it is deprived of important nutrients, it suffers and loses its density and strength. Problems can also occur with unexpected injuries. The treatment is complex and individual, but the prevention always pays off.

          Animal gelatin contains sufficient amounts of magnesium, calcium and phosphorus. Also includes potassium and iron. All these elements support the formation of bones and successfully prevent their loss. A number of medical studies have shown that patients who take gelatin daily have better performance. With them, joint and muscle pain is reduced, they recover faster and their quality of life improves.

          The useful beef and pork gelatin is 100% natural, extracted from animal bones with the highest degree of quality and gelling (TJ-260BLOOM; SZ-120BLOOM). The process of its extraction is associated with the breakdown of bonds between individual molecules and the release of amino acids. After a certain technology of filtration, clarification and sterilization, the final product is obtained - dry protein material, pale yellow in color.

          Choose only natural and pure gelatin

          There are nutrients such as carbohydrates, for example, that you can deprive for a longer period or find a suitable substitute. However, protein is essential and needed every day. Without them, the human body cannot function. Gelatin has exactly the therapeutic effect that everyone needs to stay toned and energetic without experimenting with their health.

          Our eating habits have undergone significant changes. What we consume today has nothing to do with the food of our ancestors. We have long since eliminated tendons, cartilage, bones and skin from our menu. Products rich in valuable substances, which we have given up, and which were an integral part of the table of our predecessors.

          To make sure you get enough collagen and gelatin, eat more bone broth and animal products that contain them. Of course, often the easiest and most reliable way is to get the right amount of gelatin in the finished form. In the commercial network, including online, you will find good offers.

          Natural Veal and Pork Gelatin is the perfect way to deal with collagen deficiency. When you buy it, be careful about what exactly you give your money for. Make sure the product is natural, clean and produced in the right way.

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