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        • Universal peeling Olive

          Universal peeling Olive

          TianDe, Russia
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          Universal peeling Olive 120 g

          Peels remove dead cells, dissolving them and not damaging the skin. Dissolution occurs under the action of acids. The peeling is enriched with olive oil - one of the most valuable ingredients for the skin. The peel also contains malic acid and collagen amino acids.
              Gently removes the layer of enemy cells, renewing the upper layers of the epidermis.
              Activates the natural mechanisms of skin hydration, preventing flaking and redness.
              Shrinks pores, improves and evens out the complexion.
              Helps enhance the synthesis of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid.
              Smoothes fine wrinkles, reduces deep ones.

          Olive oil (Olea europaea fruit oil):
              contains linoleic acid in the same percentage as breast milk;
              contains oleic acid, which is part of the epidermal lipids of the skin and therefore strengthens the protective barrier of the epidermis, reducing transepidermal moisture loss;
              contains vitamin E, which is called the "vitamin of youth" because of its ability to protect the skin from the harmful effects of free radicals.

          Malic acid is one of the most popular fruit acids (ANA); found in most fruits and vegetables, especially apples and tomatoes:
              breaks down oily plugs and horny scales of the epidermis, cleansing the skin of dead cells;
              stimulates the processes of skin cell renewal and increases the content of functionally active natural moisturizing factor of the skin;
              activates the activity of fibroblasts, enhancing the synthesis of collagen and hyaluronic acid, which leads to a significant increase in the level of moisture in the skin.

          Apply a small amount of peeling on cleansed face on dry skin, avoiding the area around the eyes, massage for 1-2 minutes. Then wash thoroughly with lukewarm water. After peeling, sun exposure and the use of other scrubs are not recommended.
          Contraindications to the use of products containing AHA acids:

              individual intolerance;
              hypersensitivity of the skin;
              fresh skin injuries;
              herpetic rash;
              prolonged sun exposure.

          Before using the product, a control test should be performed: apply a small amount of the product on the inside of the hand and monitor the reaction around the clock. If signs of side effects appear, stop using the cosmetic product.
          Recommendations for frequency of application:

              oily skin - 2-3 times a week,
              normal skin - 1-2 times a week,
              dry and sensitive skin - once every 2 weeks.

          The result
          Soft and supple skin, healthy complexion, reduce the amount and depth of wrinkles.

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