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        • Revitalizing Serum eyes and lips - Rooibos-Star antioxidating series

          Revitalizing Serum eyes and lips

          Bodi Beauty, Bulgaria
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          Revitalizing Serum eyes and lips - Rooibos-Star antioxidating series

          Revitalizing serum eyes and lips series Rooibos Stars of "Bodi-D" intensive work in the area around the eyes and lips. The active ingredients restore elasticity, smoothness and tone of the skin by helping to remove fine lines and prevent premature aging.
          Its composition has stem cell Argan that improve the regeneration ability of dermal stem cells and as a result achieves skin rejuvenation. Furthermore cells Argan improve the tone and elasticity of the skin around the eyes and lips. Inputs are fine pearls that contain coenzyme Q10. They apparently slows the aging process, protect the skin from the effects of harmful free radicals and prevent the emergence of new expression lines. The composition of the serum has more vitamins and extracts of rose and rooibos, which have anti-inflammatory, hydrating and antioxidant properties.
          Just a few drops of the product are able to help mature skin look younger. It intensively hydrates the skin in depth, restores water-lipid balance and cell renewal. The skin becomes thicker, smoother, more radiant and visibly more youthful appearance, and the signs of fatigue and stress leaves no memory!

          Effect of active ingredients:
          Coenzyme Q10 - protects the skin from harmful effects of free radicals and maintain optimum oxygen levels in the tissues
          Argan stem cells - helps restore stem cells of the skin and stimulates the production of new
          rose extract - has a soothing, refreshing and regenerating effect on the skin
          rooibos - rich in bioflavonoids with proven antioxidant and anti-allergenic properties; stimulates enzyme activity and protects the skin from premature aging

          Suitable for me
          Suitable for all skin types, but especially for dry and sensitive.

          Application method
          Apply a small amount in the areas under the eyes and around the lips.
          Wait until the product is completely absorbed.

          Airless 15ml vial. Ensure preservation action of the active components in an airless environment.

          Manufacturer: Body-Beauty, Bulgaria

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