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        • Purifying and Hydrating Tonic - Pirin Dream

          Purifying and Hydrating Tonic - Pirin Dream

          Bodi Beauty, Bulgaria
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          Purifying and Hydrating Tonic - Pirin Dream anti-static series

          Soft and skin-replenishing lotion that removes the latest traces of make-up and tone the skin by preparing it for daytime or night-time care.

          The complex of refreshing active ingredients reduces cleansing, softens and hydrates the skin. Delivers a pleasant sense of purity, gray softness and freshness.

          Herbal extracts, vitamins, L-carnitine help restore the natural oxygen and water balance of the skin after cleaning with toilet milk. Stimulates cellular metabolism.

          Yes, for every type of skin, even the most sensitive.

          Apply on face and neckline in the morning and / or evening with a cotton swab and Pirin Dream toilet. Gently apply the skin several times until the tampon remains completely clean. This is a guarantee that the face does not have any remains of makeup, dead cells, pollen, and you can proceed to apply a cream.

          Package: bottle 150ml

          Manufacturer: Bodybuilding, Bulgaria

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