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        • Natural formic oil

          Natural formic oil

          Hristina, Bulgaria
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          Ant oil is used directly after epilation / depilation and rubbed with light massage movements, it is good for the first 3 days to continue lubricating the treated area once, twice a day. The effect is slowing down the hair growth and after the 2nd / 3rd hair removal / depilation and oil placement a significant decrease in growth will be felt.

          Pure, natural oil of formic acid is intended to suppress hair growth after depilation. With prolonged use - within a few months, effectively and permanently reduces hair. It is recommended immediately after hair removal can be applied to the treatment area and gently rub until fully absorbed by the skin.

          The result is noticeable in regular use for 4-5 months, the time to achieve a lasting effect on an individual.

          Apply immediately after epilation on the treated area and rub and massage gently until fully absorbed. For lasting effect use with each procedure.

          100% pure, natural product. Contains no parabens, allergens and mineral oils! Cosmetic product for external application. Not tested on animals. Keep out of reach of children. Contains natural (natural) ingredients - keep away from light and heat.

          Do not swallow!

          INCI ingredients (ingredients): 100% ANT OIL.

          Packaging: 10 ml.
          Manufacturer: Mase Production Ltd
          Origin: Christina, Bulgaria

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