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      Manual stone mill

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      Manual stone mill

      Extremely robust and environmentally friendly, this hand grinder is an alternative when there is no electricity.

      The 20 or 25 cm granite millstone is extremely durable. Granite is a natural rock that has been carved without the need for a binder. Granite stones grind the grain without breaking off parts of the stone. In this way, these natural grindstones ensure the long life of the mill and are the most natural way to grind grain.

      For raw foodists, grinding the grain without heating is of great importance.
      You yourself determine the speed of rotation of the millstone with your power and thus ensure the most gentle grinding of the grain.
      Application: Grinds wet and dry grains (avoid oily grains); grinds grain of various sizes - from millet to corn, beans, spices, etc.

           This product is made of natural granite. Safe and healthy, you can use it to grind any food.
           The stone mill preserves the nutrients in the food as well as the original taste.
           The metal axis that holds the top stone is made of 304 steel, food safe. The removable wooden handle is ergonomic and comfortable to hold. Counter-clockwise rotation is more effective.
           This is a multi-purpose home grinder that can be used to grind peanuts, soybeans, pepper, spices, rice, wheat, etc. It is also an interesting learning equipment for children that teaches youngsters to explore and practice.

      What you can't process

      In principle, oil-bearing crops such as linseed, mustard seed, sunflower seed, poppy and pumpkin seed, various nuts, almonds cannot be processed.

      We do not recommend grinding coffee. The color and odor will permeate the millstone, making cleaning very difficult.

      Due to the consistency, you cannot process salt, sugar, tea, leaves, grasses, sprouts, dried small fruits, chestnuts, various seeds.

      What types of grain can be processed with this hand grinder?

      Wheat, spelt, rye, spelt, buckwheat, rice, corn - Excellent
      Millet, brown millet, soybeans, quinoa, amaranth lentils, peas - Good
      Oats, kamut, chickpeas - Medium

      The package includes
           1 lower stone with chute
           1pc upper millstone
           1 x square wooden frame/stand
           1 x handle
           1 x handle sleeve
           1 x cleaning brush

      Available in two sizes:
      Option 1: Diameter 30 x Height 15 cm, Weight: 16 kg. Grinding stone: Ø 20 cm
      Option 2: Diameter 38 x Height 16 cm Weight: 30 kg. Grinding stone: Ø 25 cm
      * Please select from the drop down menu

      Material: granite

           Fine grinding capacity: 40 g/min
           Coarse grinding capacity: 80 g/min
           Made in China
           Warranty: 5 years

      Please consider buying a hand grinder carefully!

      Grinding by hand is WORK, even though it looks like fun. Manual grinding requires appropriate strength and time.
      Grinding with an electric mill is a pleasure, because you get the necessary flour in a short time and of the best quality.
      We don't want you to make a bad choice. Manual grinders are often a disappointment and end up in the basement or in a box.
      For everyday needs, we strongly advise you to buy an electric grinder - unless you have enough time, enough energy and realistic expectations to grind by hand.
      In any case, a hand grinder is useful for times of crisis WITHOUT ELECTRICITY if you have enough time to grind.
      The electric grain mill will bring you pleasure in the kitchen for decades and contribute to a healthy diet.

      Many people do not know what are the advantages of this brave flour on a stone mill. Our ancestors thousands of years grinding grain between two stones (Rommel). This is the oldest, slowest and the best way to convert grain tightly and cream colored powder we call flour. With technological development and industrialization people begin to grind grain of motor rolling mills. They flour assumes a faster and they are in line with the then hurried out the rhythm of human life. Then millers learned and to remove fiber-rich bran and nutrient rich germ and make finely milled flour only the endosperm of the grain, which is rich in starch. People quickly accepted this new flour, which has a very long shelf life and makes it soft and fuzzy bread, cakes and pastries. Unfortunately, this new white flour is almost devoid of vitamins, enzymes, minerals, phytochemicals and fiber, which are abundant in whole grains. Its fine texture makes it very quickly usvoyavaemo of the human body, which instantaneously absorbed, which leads to a rapid release of glucose and insulin levels.

      This flow of rapidly digestible carbohydrates, a large part of the problem of the diet of a large part of today's generation.

      Today, several centuries after open rolling mill, the relationship between man and nature has again become increasingly turn to the practices of our ancestors.

      Grinding the grain of our mill it comes in contact only with natural materials - stones, which are made of the same elements of which is the soil. In this process, the grain enters once again into contact with the substances and minerals from which ate to grow.

      Modern fully automated mills grinding grain between steel rollers at a very high speed, which gives greater productivity and lower costs. But apart from these benefits, they have one significant difference - in this high-speed process grind grain at very high temperature. At this temperature, the majority of the nutrients are destroyed (including vitamin E from the germ of the grain, and many other vitamins, enzymes and anti-oxidants), and also contributes to the process of any future rancidity, which is the reason for the addition of preservatives. A stone mill grinds slowly grains without heating them while maintaining the utmost all useful ingredients. For this we decided to go back to what our ancestors have done and proivezhdame quality product that brings and keeps in itself all the goodness of the grain.


      source: http://www.ecosem.bg/

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