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        • Just Amazing - 100% natural cream deodorant

          100% natural cream deodorant

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          MISSION (IM)POSSIBLE! ! ! Deodorant, which is 100% natural, it is really effective, but also without aluminum compounds and not blocking perspiration - impossible. So we thought we did. Until now.

          "Just Amazing" is produced in Bulgaria 100% natural cream deodorant, which is really different, first because of its shape, but mostly because it works.

          The product was officially registered cosmetic product and has all the necessary certificates.

          The formula does not contain aluminum salts and is extremely simple (bio shea butter, baking soda, starch, arrowroot agrarian and organic essential oils of cypress and mei Chang) but not at the expense of efficiency.

          During warmer days, even at great physical load one application provides comfort without odor to 8 hours at a cool time, the effect of one application lasts literally within 24 hours.

          The product is not an antiperspirant and in no way block the natural process of sweating.

          The aroma is light to citrus, unisex and liked.

          In everyday use, depending on the individual sweating and lifestyle, 50 ml. usually sufficient for approximately 90 days.

          Packaging box of aluminum with screw cap and seal. Often asked whether the cream does not react with the aluminum packaging - specify that the package is coated with lacquer food so that no such danger exists. Elbow does not contain Bisphenol A (BPA).

          Ingredients: Organic shea butter, baking soda, starch, arrowroot agrarian and organic essential oils of cypress and Mei Chang

          Directions: Rub with your fingertips pea-sized amount in the underarm area. The warmth of the skin product softens and spreads quickly and easily. In the cooler days and seasons can try using less quantity. Try a different dosage until you find the right frequency and quantity for you personally.

          Action: The dry ingredients (baking soda and arrowroot) permanently eliminate odor and slightly dry, and Shea butter (shea butter) moisturizes and soothes delicate and sensitive skin of the armpit. Aromatic essential oils (mei Chang and cypress) act antiseptic, refreshing and deodorizing.

          Storage: Well closed at room temperature, away from direct sunlight.

          Packaging: 50 ml.

          Manufacturer: "Just Amazing" Ltd., Bulgaria

          * Because it is 100% natural deodorant, it is possible the proposed use can lead to better or worse than expected results, which is directly dependent on the characteristic of each individual intensity sweating, physical activity, and of course is - of the time. The amount of coating pea each armpit is recommended only in warm weather, such as in cooler days or when not very high physical activity can damage and significantly less.
          ** We recommend delivery to office, because we do not know what time of the day will be delivered deodorant, and if I have all day to stand courier van, where temperatures in the warm months exceed 60 ° C, the likelihood melt is huge.

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          • Цветелина Митева March 30, 2020 11:12 AM
            Пробвала съм доста натурални дездоранти, но не бях доволна от резултата. Този обаче действа. Аз лично съм много доволна. Аромата много ми харесва. Благодаря, че ми го препоръчаха.
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