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        • Grape seed oil, 100 ml

          Grape seed oil

          Zdravnitsa, Bulgaria
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          Grape seed oil (100 ml.)

          Grapeseed oil has a strong anti-inflammatory action, anti-allergic properties and counteract free radicals.
          Packing: 100 ml.
          Origin: Bulgaria

          100% natural oil izvlecheneno seed red grapes and subsequent filtration

          Grape seeds are an important source of one of the most powerful natural antioxidants - proanthocyanidins. Proantotsiandite are many times more powerful antioxidant effect of vitamins C and E (20 times stronger than vitamin C and 50 times stronger than vitamin E). At extremely high concentrations are found in the seeds of red grapes. Intake of extracts derived from grape seeds, since they concentration of proanthocyanidins is significantly greater. Studies have shown that these antioxidants have strong anti-inflammatory action, anti-allergic properties and counteract free radicals. Reduce the level of bad cholesterol in the blood, help normalize blood pressure, protect against atherosclerosis and improves nervous and immune system.

          Even in ancient times oil cold pressed grape seed was known as a miracle drug for the skin. It consists of 70% essential fatty acids, which are readily perceived by the skin, combined and retain moisture. It has the ability to regulate oil production and is among the few oils suitable for oily and combination skin. Tightens but does not close the pores! It helps expedite vazstanovavane the skin, which makes it suitable for use in wounds, burns, abrasions. Grape seed oil improves elasticity of tissues, restores collagen and improves peripheral circulation. Effective action in restoring the area around the eyes, in the fight against acne, stretch marks and cellulite. Grape oil is a preferred ingredient in many cosmetic products for the treatment of damaged tissues under stress, as it has regenerative and restructuring properties that allow the maintenance of the natural water balance of the skin. Used in various spa - massages and treatments.

          Grapeseed oil is the highest boiling temperature (216 ° C / 420 ° F) from cold pressed oils. This makes it an excellent and healthy alternative for cooking at high temperatures.

          The intense flavor brings a special touch to each dish.
          Health benefits of grape seed oil

          Flavonoid "oligomeric procyanidin" found in grape seed oil is a powerful antioxidant. It may protect against cellular and tissue damage caused by free radicals.

          Grapeseed oil for a healthy heart
          Grapeseed oil increases the levels of good cholesterol and reduces bad cholesterol in the body. This reduces the risk of coronary disease and keep your heart healthy.

          Grapeseed oil and diabetes
          Grape seed oil contains linoleic acid. This is a polyunsaturated fatty acid which may be helpful for people affected by diabetes.

          Grapeseed oil Your blood vessels and varicose veins
          Grapeseed oil strengthens and repairs damaged or broken capillaries and blood vessels. It improves circulation and soothes problems as a network of veins, varicose veins, etc.

          Grapeseed oil and cancer
          Many recent studies have shown that the oil Grapeseed helps prevent lung cancer, colon cancer, prostate cancer, breast cancer and stomach cancer. Found in grape seed antioxidants fight in preventing cancer.
          Grape seed oil for good looks

          For healthy and beautiful hair
          Grape Seed Oil contains all the essential nutrients that help your hair grow faster. It contains vitamin E, protein, minerals and linoleic acid which nourishes the hair and scalp.

          Grapeseed oil is light and keep hair moisturized long enough to make you feel on top of the world. It also protects your hair from thinning or breakage of hair, as well as split ends.

          As a very good moisturizer, oil Grapeseed fought dandruff from its source.

          If you brush your hair with hot grape seed oil, it will look shiny, but not greasy.

          Needless to say that the oil is very light and quickly absorbed by the scalp. It strengthens hair roots and protects it from damage.
          How to use:

          For direct consumption: 1 tsp per day, or as an additive in food or salads.

          For cosmetic use: As a natural moisturizer, apply the oil directly on the skin or use as a base for lotions.

          100% natural, cold pressed grape seed oil.
          Nutritional values ​​per 100 ml .:

          Energy - 923 Kcal
          Fats: 99,7 g

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