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        • Diabora - to regulate blood sugar

          Diabora - to regulate blood sugar

          Zdravnitsa, Bulgaria
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          Diabora - to regulate blood sugar

          Diabora - the best solution for diabetes and regulate blood sugar
          Packaging: 10 ml.

          Diabora is 100% natural product manufactured in Bulgaria.

          The dietary supplement is designed Diabora normalization of glucose in human blood (blood sugar). The product is 100% natural and contains no toxic substances, preservatives or colorings.

          Prolonged use of Diabora leads to normalization of blood glucose levels, improve eyesight, eliminating venous ulcers and a significant overall improvement in the health of people.

          Diabora have a positive impact in diabetes first and second type.
          What is it and what it contains Diabora?

          Diabora is 100% natural dietary supplement (oral drops) produced in Bulgaria. In Diabora contains extract of bilberry (Vaccinum mytrillus), glucose, distilled water.

          What are the advantages of Diabora?

          1. It is not a drug, and 100% natural homeopathic product.
          2. Manufactured and tested in Bulgaria.
          3. Available at an affordable price.
          4. Ease of use - drop under the tongue.
          5. It is suitable for people suffering from diabetes a first and second type.
          6. It is suitable for people who suffer from diabetes, but have frequent changes in blood sugar levels.
          7. normalize emotional state and improve the sleep of people who have problems with blood sugar.
          8. Has a positive effect on metabolism.
          9. Lowers cholesterol.
          10. Improved functional capacity of the blood vessels, normalizes microcirculation.
          11. Allows you to gradually reduce the dose of antidiabetic drugs and insulin.
          12. Does not contain any harmful substances, dyes or preservatives.
          13. Compatible with taking or other homeopathic medicinal products.
          14. In his reception there was no side effects occur.
          15. There are no restrictions for admission in different ages of people.
          How is the Diabora?

          It is morning, noon and evening, 30 min. To 1 hour before meals, one drop under the tongue. In case you need to take 1 drop Diabora extra bedtime.
          Important information for taking Diabora!

          - The dosage of Diabora individually adjusted by careful monitoring of blood sugar levels.

          - In a sharp rise in blood sugar levels after eating can use Diabora than 40 minutes to 1 hour after meals. (Dispense 1 drop Diabora under the tongue and hold for 3-5 min.).

          - It is the recommended dose of Diabora be increased by up to 2 drops when blood glucose levels are very high and can not be effectively reduced. To increase the dose must consult a specialist.
          How long provided a package Diabora?

          One pack Diabora has a concentration of 10 ml. This amount would be enough for intake between 20 and 22 days. depending on the frequency of use of the product.
          How long can be taken Diabora?

          Supplementation is Diabora negoranichen time. With continuous Diabora no side effects.

          Prolonged intake Diabora lead to full normalization of blood sugar levels, improves blood circulation, helps the body in combating high cholesterol.
          Useful information on the use of Diabora:

          - Do not refrigerate, Diabora be stored at room temperature (10-25S). Do not expose to direct sunlight.
          - Be vigilant and follow the intake Diabora.
          - It is recommended not to take Diabora simultaneously with coffee, green tea, alcohol.

          Packing: Oral drops. Solution. Vials of 10 ml. a dropper attached to the upper part.

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