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        • Chaga Tea with ginger

          Chaga Tea with ginger

          Verde Vita, Bulgaria
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          The combination of the Siberian mushroom Chaga and ginger is an excellent immune stimulator that prevents inflammation in the body.

          - 100% natural product
          - Contains mushroom Chaga from Siberia, Russia
          - It has a powerful immunostimulatory effect

          The mushroom bud usually grows on birch trees, so it is also called a black birch sponge. Rarely occurs on other types of trees - alder, beech, elm, maple. Spores of this sponge develop as they fall into a damaged area of ​​the bark.
          Inonotus obliquus is a little known in our country, but in the Siberian and Asian times, tea of ​​tea has been used since time immemorial. it differs from most woody mushrooms in that it is hard, almost as much as the receiving tree on which it parasites.
          The Chaga mushroom really has an impressive antioxidant content. Chaga is low in calories, high in fiber, free from fat, sugar and carbohydrates.

          Useful properties:
          Cancer prevention
          Numerous laboratory studies have shown that the birch sponge is waiting to suppress the progression of cancer cells.

          An obscure study published in the "World Journal of Gastroenterology" examines the effects and effects of the Chaga fungus on liver cancer cells. The scientific article reveals that the birch sponge prevents the growth of cancer cells, making the fungus a natural remedy for liver cancer.

          Powerful immune stimulator
          The Chaga bras sponge has an antiviral effect on human immunodeficiency (HIV) type 1. Chaga works favorably when it comes to hepatitis C virus. Birch sponge is also used as a component in the development of new antiviral drugs.

          Fight the inflammatory processes
          The Chaga mushroom is a proven product that fights inflammation. The consumption of Chaga reduces the inflammation caused by ulcerative colitis. The birch sponge also acts anti-inflammatory in the colon.

          Useful properties of ginger:
          Ginger is a powerful antioxidant that is commonly used in various types of inflammation, including rheumatoid arthritis. Its roots contain ginger-gels that play an important role in the treatment of osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. Observations show that people who take ginger for a long time experience a reduction in pain and improvement in joint movements. Ginger also restricts edema associated with inflammation.
          Ginger is also effective in the treatment of a number of gastrointestinal problems, especially for the prevention of nausea and vomiting, including chemotherapy. It also helps to relieve various origins of stomach and intestinal disorders.
          Tests have been made on the curative properties of dyskinesia in mice that have shown that the plant causes cancer cells to self-destruct by eaten. As a natural antioxidant, ginger prevents the development of precancerous tumors. Particularly strong effect is seen in ovarian cancer and as prophylaxis of colon cancer. It also helps to relieve side-effects in chemotherapy patients.
          Ginger removes high blood pressure and raises the low, so it balances this problem well. The rhizome prevents platelet adhesion and the formation of dangerous blood clots, which cause artery obstruction, heart attacks and thrombophlebitis.
          Ginger helps to restore the body faster in cold, angina and flu. It stimulates the release of mucus from the bronchi and clears the airways. In flu and cold, inhalations with fresh ginger root are recommended.

          Ingredients: Milk, dried mushroom (Inonotus obliquus), dried ginger.
          Does not contain gluten! Does not contain caffeine!
          Packing: 24 filters. packets
          Origin: Siberia, Russia
          Suitable for: Adults, Vegetarians, Vegans
          Importer: Vanda

          Nutritional value of 100 g:
          Energy value: 779 kJ / 190 kcal
          Fat: 1.1 g
          of which saturated fatty acids: 0.5 g
          Carbohydrates: 12.8 g
          of which sugars: 0.5 g
          Protein: 3.6 g
          Salt: 0.03 g

          Directions for use:
          One pack of "Chaga tea" filler is filled with 250 ml. Boiling water. The maximum water temperature should be 75C.
          For the best result, wait between 5 and 7 minutes to make the Siberian Chai tea ready.
          Sweetened as desired. It is advisable to use natural sweeteners such as stew or maple syrup.

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