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        • Bicarbonate of soda - without aluminum - gluten-free

          Bicarbonate of soda - without aluminum - gluten-free

          Doves Farm, UK
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          200g Bicarbonate of soda
          - without aluminum
          - gluten-free

          Usage: Used as a baking roaster and as household cleaner.
          Sodium bicarbonate (known as soda bicarbonate or soda for bread) is an unsaturated sodium salt of carbonic acid. Under normal conditions, she
          is a white solid. It is produced by the Solvay process in which the mixture of water, ammonia and sodium chloride (cooking salt) reacts with
          carbon dioxide. Aqueous sodium bicarbonate solutions are alkaline because it is a salt of strong base and weak acid. That's what
          cause it to be used to neutralize acids (gastric juice at "drip").

          Sodium bicarbonate can help:
          1. Prophylaxis and treatment of cancer.
          2. Treatment of alcoholism.
          3. Refusal to Smoking.
          4. Treatment of all types of addiction and drug addiction.
          5. Lead from lead, cadmium, mercury, thallium, barium, bismuth and other heavy metals.
          6. Release of radioactive isotopes from the organism, prevention of radioactive contamination of the organism.
          7. Extraction, dissolution of all harmful deposits in the joints, in the spine; liver and kidney stones, treatment of radiculitis, osteochondrosis, polyarthritis, childhood disease, rheumatism, renal stone disease, gallstones; dissolving stones in the liver, gall bladder, intestines and kidneys.
          8. Clearing the body to raise the attention, concentration, balance and success rate of uneven children.
          9. Clearing the body from poisonous substances made with irritation, malice, hate, envy, doubt, dissatisfaction and other harmful feelings and thoughts of man.

          Storage: In a dry and cool place.
          Brand: Doves Farm, United Kingdom

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