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        • White patches for detoxification

          White patches for detoxification

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          White patches for detoxification

          Specially selected 100% natural ingredients! For stronger detoxification with a weakening effect!

          If you have trouble sleeping, feel tired, or often take medication, if you have harmful dietary habits or smoke, you need to detoxify your body with detoxification patches. They are also known on the market as detox patches, foot pads or detoxification patches.

          CE certificate
          The patch is made of 100% wood and covered with medical glue.
          The plaster is naturally degradable, ecological and does not harm your health and nature.
          Allows the feet to breathe, not allergies.

          - Cardboard box with 10 sachets and 10 detox patches.
          - One box is enough for 5 days.
          - Made in China

          Recommended clearing period of 15 days. Three boxes are required.

          Clearing with patches for detoxification is an extremely quick and easy way to detoxify. The most popular for maintaining good health and working capacity.

          Toxic waste accumulates in our bodies and contributes to the development of all kinds of diseases and chronic fatigue. When colonies of bacteria begin to thrive, diseases develop in their full strength.

          Mode of action: Bamboic acid, which has the property of penetrating and transporting toxins out of the body, is a major element in the composition of detoxifying patches. The process of extracting toxins out of the skin is similar to that of plant roots.

          Bamboo extract, tourmaline, vitamin C, plant and mineral powder, polyethylene glycol (for better solubility) and dextrin (for easy absorption).

          15 consecutive days during sleep.

          There is no evidence of intolerance other than individual to any of the ingredients of the relevant detox patch model.
          If you notice redness or any other reaction to your skin, stop using it. It is not recommended to place on injured skin.

          It is not recommended to use detoxification patches during pregnancy or lactation.
          The use of Detoxification patches does not exclude compliance with prescriptions of official medicine.

          Customers report the various effects they have watched.
          - extinction of leg fatigue and swelling during warmer months
          - Reduction of overweight
          - stronger and radiant skin
          - swellings under the eyes become prone
          - a relaxed and fulfilling sleep
          - reduces dental plaque and more.
          - removes fatigue.

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