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      Seeds for germination of evening primrose

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      Seeds for germination of evening primrose 50g

      The sprouts are alive and complete food, and one of the most powerful means of healing. The sprouts contain a large amount of iron, which is involved in the formation of hemoglobin, and it carries oxygen. We supply a rich amount of vital energy and nutrients. They are low-calorie food that is easy to digest, and it speeds up metabolism. They also help eliminate toxins and free radicals from the body. The diet, rich in sprouts, fresh fruits and vegetables, is most beneficial for the body. If you suffer from fatigue, sinusitis or ulcer - the chlorophyll contained in corn germinas, for example, can help greatly in the fight against these diseases. They also work well with those with digestive problems - germinas relieve the digestive system load by almost 90 percent.

      Manufacturer: Dary Natury

      Method of preparation:
      You can prepare sprouts at home using a variety of methods. One of the easiest methods is to use an ordinary flat plate. Cover with gauze or other water-absorbing material. Sprinkle one layer of seed on the gauze and soak it with boiled and chilled water. Add water so that the gauze is kept wet all the time. Place the seeds in a warm and dark place. Plants begin to germinate within 2-4 days, depending on the type of seeds. Seedlings of large seeds such as peas, soybean, chickpeas, etc. or flax seed, such as pumpkin, sunflower, cut before consumption. Small seeds can be eaten whole.

      Another method is to use a jar with a gauze. The glue is placed on the neck of the jar and gripped with a ribbon. This makes flushing and draining easy. If the seeds are finer, the gauze should be placed in several layers. For large grains, such as chickpeas and soybean, the gauze is not necessary, as we can drain the jar of the jar by draining it. This germination method is suitable for almost all seeds that are not mucus-forming.

      A good idea is also to use a germination device.

      Germinated seeds have medicinal properties and biostimulation . First of all vitamins and trace elements , improve metabolism, cleansing the body , strengthening the immune system , increasing efficiency and cure many diseases . Germinated seeds have everything foresight their underlying nature for the development of new life and survival in an aggressive environment. They are beautifully balanced, easily digestible and simultaneously effective medicine .

      Wheat and corn can be eaten raw. Wheat germ have extraordinary healing properties. Must be chewed well ( at least two tablespoons a day) , but if in your mouth forming as gum , so this variety is not suitable and you need to look for another . Unfortunately, bean sprouts have a pleasant taste raw . Put them in hot water after boil , remove them from the fire. For chickpeas enough to pour boiling water and leave it to stand for ten minutes .
      What can make sprouts ? Almost everything as long as you find suitable for this purpose seeds. What does this mean ? For example, if I want to make arugula sprouts , will not go into the agricultural seed store and buy a rocket for seeding. And they will germinate , but these seeds are not edible , as in most cases are treated with drugs. Suitable seeds are sold in grocery stores or health food stores . They also have a shelf with the end of which is not likely to germinate.
      Sprouts seed began to grow .
      They are the most enriched with all the necessary substances to the human body extremely natural character.
      Sprouts are sprouted seeds and stored them real health! Eat mostly raw. The best time to add to the salad. Can suffocate other vegetables and add to rice, potatoes , etc.
      Bean sprouts are strengthening immunity pea : cholesterol lowering and raising the tone sunflower : protecting our liver and cardiovascular diseases and flax sprouts tone peristalsis .
      In virtue of sprouts and seedlings , more people are convinced and understand for their curative properties. Who has tried and seen the effect begins to enjoy sprouts and ponitsi.Taka person gets health, strength , energy, longevity and ease in my stomach . Another not least is the advantage that one saves money by a lack of drugs and visit doctors.
      So life becomes more gentle , beautiful and colorful :)
      The most common germs are :
      wheat , rye , barley, buckwheat alfalfa, arugula , watercress , mustard, linseed , soybean, Chinese beans, chickpeas, lentils , broccoli , carrots , turnips , cabbage , onions , sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, almonds

      How to make sprouts ? There are several options depending on the type of seed . There are those who are slime -forming are those that are not. To the group of slime -forming include flaxseed , watercress ( Nasturtium ) , arugula , mustard seeds (some species are not ) and others. To find out exactly what all this means , soak flaxseed in a cup of water for 1-2 hours or more. Well noticed how water acquires the consistency of jelly and it is difficult to separate the seeds from one another (in touch with slimy surface) . Therefore, such seeds can not germinate normally. It is easiest to make sprouts from these seeds on soil or gauze , and then with scissors crop at the base, to consume them (as seedlings ) .

      The group of all the rest are nesluzoobrazuvashtite seed germinate generally as follows.
      1 ) Wash your seeds
      2 ) put the seeds in a suitable container and cover with water by 2 to 5 times in about 24 hours. The amount of water depends on how many times you grow seeds. E.g. alfalfa swells double ( or less ) , while the lens, chickpeas increased threefold or more. It is better to place the container in a dark place at room temperature ( about 22 degrees).
      3 ) Drain well then the water and leave on until germination. The only condition is to wash them in the morning and evening , always very well Drain excess water. The Court held in a dark place , until the germ is less than 1.5 mm when it can put more light spot without direct sunlight. So fast will appear green leaves and loaded with lots of chlorophyll. I always put in a dark place and I have not had problems with germination .

      Methods for germination :

      * Jar with gauze - grab a glass jar and put gauze on his throat with elastic . This helps in easy and quick rinse and drain the seeds in a jar. Gauze can be purchased from pharmacies for 1.10 lev - a few square meters. When you soak in tiny seeds do several layers of gauze . When the seeds ( beans) are large ( chickpeas, soy ... ) can not use gauze because water easily drain while holding the seeds by hand while tilting the jar. This process of germination is suited for almost all seeds that are not sluzoobrazuvashti .

      * Device germination - There are many devices for germination , most tray and system damping. One that I have is small and is suitable for those that form a carpet of green leaves - alfalfa , mustard .

      * Soil or gauze - this is the method of growing sprouts sluzoobrazuvashti . In the bottom plate put several layers of gauze sprinkled seeds throughout the area with water and pour about 0.5 cm water will soften the seeds and sprouts will help to break the shell . In the following days, with the aid of a nebulizer keep them slightly moist , but not submerged . When you see small suspended petals, put the tray of indirect sunlight to quickly grow a few inches and gain valuable chlorophyll. Then they are ready to eat , take scissors and cut between them near their base . If you decide to use soil , the principle is the same , but instead of gauze , spreading seeds on a bed of soil or peat mixture . We keep constantly moist when grow a few inches , again cut back to the base.

      Mustard sprouts - these are quite spicy sprouts . Some of the varieties are sluzoobrazuvashti . Therefore, it can germinate or device on germination or gauze. Mustard is used for thousands of years . Ancient knew the healing qualities.
      Mustard sprouts taste like mustard and are very suitable addition to salads , meat and potato dishes. Suitable for addition in salads or to spice up dishes. It is rich in calcium, iron, vitamin C, A , B1, B2 .

      Sprouts flaxseed - until now I've tried to sprouting golden flaxseed . Also suitable is a method for germinating a gauze or soil . In the picture below flax with yellow coating on the leaves in the background is seen watercress .

      Radish sprouts - slightly spicy and taste of radish, also very crisp and fresh . They are the source of the following elements: potassium, calcium, copper, zinc, vitamins. Sprouts act expectorant and anti-inflammatory. Enhance the immune system and is good to take for atherosclerosis , cardiovascular disease and angina , high blood pressure , fungi , constipation in barechni and gall stones , liver failure . Great complement to alfalfa sprouts , broccoli and onions.

      Sprouts of watercress ( Nasturtium ) - these germs are extravagant taste. Cress sprouts are grown for green mass ( germination ) . Its leaves are fleshy with a spicy flavor . Used for salads and sandwiches in addition . It is suitable for dishes with eggs and cheese , seasoned well soups and sauces. The taste is fresh and far reminds that of horseradish. Kressona leaves are rich in vitamins of group B, C , carotene , rutin , calcium salts , magnesium, iron , iodine , and phosphorus . A suitable method is with gauze or soil .

      Soybean sprouts - reduce the symptoms of menopause , lowering the risk of cancer , regulate body weight , strengthen the immune system, help fight stress.

      Green soybean sprouts / mung bean / - are " soy " sprouts used in Chinese cuisine. The seeds are small green beans , which have to be soaked in water between 12 and 24 hours over the next 3-4 days, the seedlings have to stand in the dark and then were ready for consumption. To become juicy and good taste, we must keep in the dark and gently pressed .

      Onion sprouts - taste and smell of onions. Very good decoration is obtained by them and of course you can use in all salads, which , in principle, add onions. They are a natural antibiotic, destroying harmful bacteria . Very suitable for influenza, cough , oral bacteria , atherosclerosis, alopecia, constipation , obesity, hemorrhoids , chronic fatigue, rheumatism , intestinal parasites , hypertension , tuberculosis , gout .

      Sprouts sunflower seeds - used shelled seeds that require only a short maceration - only 4 hours then allowed to germinate between 1 and 3 days depending on how we want to grow sprouts . Very delicious when the seed already developed leaves . The taste is also very nuts and fresh. Sunflower is a delicious addition to green or spinach salad. Contains vitamins . So many minerals - calcium, iodine , iron, copper , magnesium, phosphorus and zinc . strengthen the nervous system, slow aging , have a good cosmetic effect , helps with gastrointestinal and cardiovascular diseases.

      Sprouts of wheat - eat it or when plumule is less than 1.5 mm or when grow wheat germination ( green stems 5-10 cm) . Residents seedlings are probably the most valued because it contains 70% chlorophyll and is a great energy booster with a strong cleansing effect . Suitable for juicing as well be made ​​of suitable for this purpose juicer .

      Sprouts of wheat - Strengthen the immune system and rejuvenate the body , normalizes gastrointestinal tract, purify the body , improve the condition of skin and nails. It is rich in cellulose, which in turn stimulate the intestines and stomach. That's why her shoots are particularly recommended for anyone suffering from gastritis . Wheat germ combine the tastiest with cheese or yogurt.

      Sprouts spelled ( NEN . - Dinkel , Ang . - Spelled) is a species of wild wheat, which has a low gluten content and more rich in vitamins C and A. Its other advantage is that it does not tolerate fertilization and handling of chemicals , and not susceptible to genetic modification. In a word - it is a biologically pure culture suitable for people with gluten intolerance . Germinates in the same way as wheat.

      Lentil sprouts - you can eat as soon as some tiny white sprouts or leave for a long time to get seedlings . They increase the hemoglobin level , essential for the performance of the brain and nervous system , ideal for overcoming anemia and spring fatigue .

      Rye sprouts - strengthening the nerves and muscles , especially for people involved in sports or engaged in hard physical labor. Largely of rye sprouts have the qualities of wheat seedlings. For example, it is demonstrated for the cereals , that if, prior to germination of the grain has a trace of Vitamin C, it contained the germs at least 12-14 mg of a 10 grams. Rye sprouts are rich in Vitamin B1, B2, B3 and H / biotin / , which in turn are essential for athletes and those engaged in hard physical labor.

      Basil sprouts - contains essential oil , which gives it the distinctive aroma that stimulates digestive . Basil has a pleasant fragrance and gives exclusive taste of salads and vegetables. They are rich in iron , zinc , calcium, vitamin A, B, C.
      Attention to the seeds that form clay must be grown in a dish for germination .
      Choppers on the net -
      - Watering is done with spray ( fog ) 1-2 times a day

      Alfalfa sprouts - alfalfa is the queen of germs . It is so fresh , crisp and incredibly well enriches each salad. A suitable method for germination is most probably each of the above mentioned ( only not tried in the soil). For them it is important to drain excess water well and provide good ventilation to all sprouts . Otherwise acquire a bad smell and rot . They delay aging , strengthen the immune system, contain all the necessary vitamins and minerals , low-calorie . The perfect accompaniment to salads, sandwiches, omelets and soups. Rich in minerals and vitamins B, C, E and provitamin A.

      Sprouts Quinoa - Quinoa is one of the most useful plants in the world .
      Its seeds are rich in protein , in quantitative and qualitative terms. Furthermore, the lipid composition is surprising. Content of essential fatty acids, mineral wealth is great. Quinoa has all the qualities expected of a food . Quinoa is the seed of true health that makes it suitable for everyone and in particular:
      * gluten intolerance (or " celiac disease " )
      * Vegetarian ( quinoa alone provides all the essential amino acids )
      * Children ( the presence of arginine and histidine , and lecithin )
      * Sports
      * pregnant women whose needs increased protein, minerals and vitamins are substantially
      satisfied by the wealth of cinema
      * lactating women.

      Dill Sprouts - Contains essential oils , which gives the characteristic aroma that stimulates digestive . Fennel has a very pleasant fragrance and gives exclusive taste of salad. You elegance accompany fish and vegetables. Sources of protein , calcium and potassium , vitamins A, B1 , B2, B3 , and C

      Sprouts carrots - have a sweet taste. Very suitable for salads. Rich in vitamins A, B1 , B2, B3, B6 , B9 , C , D, E, K , beta -carotene, which give the sprouts carrot powerful antioxidant , curative effect and stimulating immunity.

      Sprouts of oats - Oats are rich in minerals, vitamins A, C, D, E, K and B complex. They are also very rich in fatty substances , carbohydrates and minerals ( sodium, iron, calcium , magnesium, phosphorus ) .

      Sprouts oat bran - Rice is one of the most nutritious grains whose health benefits are still undervalued. Rice is rich in complex carbohydrates , but they are the main energy source for the body. It is also a very low glycemic index. It can be used for the preparation of dressings and main dishes .

      Leek sprouts - perfect vegetable. Germinated his seeds have a spicy flavor similar to that of onion. Rich in sulfur molecules that impart healing properties. I swear leeks contains vitamins A, B1 , B2 , B9 , C and E and many minerals. Have powerful anti-inflammatory , anti-rheumatic and diuretic properties. Leek sprouts have a spicy taste. Used as a condiment for salads and raw vegetables. Leek sprouts contain much zinc , are rich in manganese , iodine , copper, vitamins C, A, E and B complex.

      Sprouts of millet - contain enzymes , large amounts of potassium , calcium, iron, magnesium and beta- carotene. Contained therein vitamin C than that of oranges ( equivalent weight ) , and is 7 times and 5 times as compared to spinach. Natural chlorophyll and many enzymes by simply indispensable in the process of metabolism and help to remove toxins . Rich in vitamins A, C and gluten free .

      Sprouts of red cabbage - cabbage sprouted grains unites almost all food antioxidants whose strength is recognized : sulforafon , indole, glutathione kertsetin , beta -carotene , vitamins C, K , B kompliks E. Many scientific studies have shown the influence of isothiocyanate from sulforaphane as a factor in reducing the progression of tumors . Surforafan concentration significantly increased during germination , which gives the sprouts cabbage especially powerful antioxidant and protective action.

      Garlic sprouts - Rich in sulfur molecules , which give the specific taste and protective properties. I swear by garlic contains vitamins A, B1 , B2 , B9 , C and E and many minerals. There are powerful anti-inflammatory , anti-rheumatic and diuretic properties. Rich in sulfur molecules that give special flavor and preservative properties. I swear by garlic contains vitamins A, B1 , B2 , B9 , C and E and many minerals. There are powerful anti-inflammatory , anti-rheumatic and diuretic properties.

      Arugula sprouts - are an excellent food for people with reduced immunity , had a serious or chronic illness , anemia, digestive disorders , people with high cholesterol . Arugula has a superb walnut flavor and appropriate addition to salads . Sprouts are rich in vitamin A and C. If you decide to make your own sprouts at home , you should know that they belong to the mucus -forming germs . It is easiest to make sprouts from these seeds on soil or gauze , and then with scissors crop at the base, to consume them (as seedlings ) .

      Broccoli - They are considered to be one of the vegetables that most successfully reduce the risk of cancer and malignancies, and in his sprouts have 10 times more valuable substances than in the very mature vegetable. Regular consumption of these germs , even in small quantities , is the best prophylaxis and minimizes the risk of severe disease. Mix them with a green salad and cream, or serve them as a side dish to baked potatoes or other vegetables.

      Almond - Their sprouts contain up to 60% oil, rich in essential amino acids , as well as vitamins E and C. It is considered that the almond seedlings enhance visual help and headache . They are sweet almonds themselves . Combined with dried plums (or other dried fruit ) are suitable for looked appetite between meals .

      Pumpkin - zinc contained in large quantities in the pumpkin , increases efficiency , soothes the body and regulates sleep . Sprouted pumpkin seeds are recommended for potency problems and are effective for the prevention of prostatitis . Mix them with muesli and milk for a complete breakfast.

      Sesame - Just these sprouts are full of calcium - 1500 mg per 100 g , ie much more than cheese. Grease a slice of rye bread with cheese and then sprinkle with sesame sprouts .
      These are just some of the many types of germs, which alone can napravim.V beginning can not get perfect results , but with some experience will be very good at making the best living food.

      Often mistaken seedlings and sprouts, but both are useful .
      Thus, sprouts and seedlings , you can do everything , but first gather the necessary information. And do not overdo it. The recommended room rate is 50-100 , the sprouts
      Sources - Internet

      The seeds that we buy should not be processed . For example, ordinary wheat that is sold is steamed and whatever takes care of him no chance to germinate , brown buckwheat also because it is blanched . Crop seed you are treated with different chemicals against pests.
      The largest selection of raw and perfect for sprouting seeds is clean in health and organic shops , as well as specialized stands in larger supermarkets.

      Information from this article was gathered from the internet.

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