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          • Hygiene for woman

            The program includes therapeutic and prophylactic dressings based on fitokompozitsii series biologically active food supplements in the form of herbal teas. The synergistic combination of these products work well on the whole female organism and provides:

            prevention and treatment of any disorder in the female reproductive system;
            normalization of hormonal balance;
            Stabilisation of the nervous system;
            enhance immunity and protective functions;
            increase efficiency;
            improving the condition of skin, hair, nails, etc .;
            rejuvenate the body.

            Exclusive product of company TianDe are therapeutic-based dressings fitokompozitsii. Never before treatment and prevention of female diseases have not been so easy and fun! Replacement of conventional dressings Medical prophylactic turns everyday hygiene procedure in effective healing course. / Presentation /
            Medical prophylactic dressings
            A unique tool for prevention, treatment and care. Bandages were developed by Chinese State Medical Institute based on traditional methods of health applied in China more than 5,000 years. Chinese healers, using ancient recipes for preparation of medicinal preparations, failed to gain 300 ingredients from a single herb! Thanks to compliance with the 5000 year old tradition of health in China:
            No chronic diseases
            No Cancer
            If a disease - it is treated
            Health is taught from childhood!
            Therapeutic and prophylactic dressings are fitokompozitsiya of herbal extracts and essential oils. Medical prophylactic effect of bandages due to the recognized environmentally remedial methods: phytotherapy, aromatherapy and acupuncture. The use of bandages is recommended for the prevention, testing and comprehensive treatment for diseases of the female reproductive system.

            normalize acid-base balance in the female genital organs;
            inhibit the growth of pathogenic bacteria;
            helps restore a healthy micro-flora in the vagina;
            improve local blood circulation, eliminate swelling in the area of ​​sexual organs removed stagnation;
            relieve pain;
            reduce the manifestations of menopause;
            help to improve the results achieved in the complex treatment;
            increase the sensitivity of microorganisms to anti bacterial preparations;
            increase muscle tone in the pelvis;
            improve the quality of family life.

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