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        • Daily sanitary napkins Life Energy

          Daily sanitary napkins Life Energy

          TianDe, Russia
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          Daily sanitary napkins Life Energy - 1 piece

          The market for products for rejuvenation and treatment of the female body, the Chinese dressing-fitokompres "Energy of Life" became a sensation. Thanks to the millennial history of Eastern medicine and Chinese healers had gained colossal experience - it was he, and innovative developments in the pharmaceutical field, researchers have invested in this new product for the beautiful half of humanity.
          Therapeutic and prophylactic dressing "life energy" includes a complex of 38 herbs. It included: Chinese angelica - a wonderful assistant in the treatment of gynecological disorders, menopause and dishormonalni violations; angelica healing - has antibacterial, analgesic and deodorizing effect; rhizomes of ginger healing; safflower / safflower / known in traditional Chinese medicine from 1061g. as an effective means for the treatment of inflammation of the muscular layer of the wall of the uterus; licorice, ribwort plantain, wild chamomile and myrrh resin, which accelerates the healing of mucosal ...
          No less healing properties are: potassium alum, rendered antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory effect; peppermint extract, essential in the treatment of rashes, ulcers in the lining, vaginitis; roots Shaw Wu beneficial influence on the work of the reproductive and nervous systems; extract from the root of the peony mlechnotsveten fighting with inflammation and disorders menstrualiya cycle. Particular attention deserved extract of turmeric and knidium. Turmeric is a reliable helper immune system to fight stress. Have antioxidant properties, it is used in the treatment of genital herpes. Эkstraktat of knidium is famous for its energizing properties obshtoukrepvashti. Recommend it be taken in trichomonad diseases, inflammation, vaginitis and impotence.
          The composition of bandages «Эnergiyata life» come thick and aloe vera extract, prevents fungal, viral and bacterial infections, removal swelling, itching, irritation and inflammation, as well as softening the skin. A mixture of essential oils, peppermint and borneol improves blood circulation and has cooling and anesthetic effect. They have antimicrobial drug with antibacterial effect. Therapeutic and prophylactic dressings "Life Energy" are clinically tested.
          Basic healing dressing-fitokompres "life energy":

          normalize the functions of the pelvic and perineum;
          have anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic action;
          have antibacterial and antiviral activity;
          promote the normalization of tissue immunity of pelvic and perineum;
          recover microflora of the external genitalia of the female;
          have a healing effect;
          enhance immunity;
          harmonize cyclical processes

          Choose for yourself the required rate of use:
          Support course
          It is recommended to place in the period of recovery after medical treatment of gynecological diseases or convalescence.

          A 1-dressing fitokompres day. The therapeutic activity of the dressings 24 h. The rate varies from 10 to 30 days to achieve the necessary effect.
          Prophylactic course
          In order to prevent the bandages are recommended to be used once a year within one week. A 1-dressing fitokompres day. The therapeutic activity of the dressings 24 hours
          Treatment and prevention of cystitis and hemorrhoids
          A 1-dressing fitokompres per day to achieve the necessary efekt.Posle prophylaxis used for another 3 days.
          adolescent age.

          In the first 3-6 hours in contact with the body fitokompresa might appear small burning sensation or vice versa - hlad.To passes only over 6-12 hours and does not require any further action. Women's Health - presentation.
          In an acute inflammatory process e need to consult a doctor!
          Individual intolerance to the components recommended to cancel the course.

          Manufacturer: TianDe

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