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        • Universal Universal Cleaner Nordic Forest

          Universal Universal Cleaner Nordic Forest

          Mulieres, Estonia
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          Universal Universal Cleaner Nordic Forest 1 L

          99.97% natural universal cleanser with a soothing Nordic fragrance is suitable for almost everything: floors, washing of household utensils, bathrooms and toilets, ovens and grills, cars, windows, kitchen work surfaces and even for spraying plants for insect control . We called it "Universal" for this reason. It is effective, safe and environmentally friendly.

          * 99.97% of natural ingredients
          * Contains no parabens, petroleum chemicals, synthetic fragrances or dyes
          * Based on olive oil with excellent cleaning properties
          * Suitable for people with sensitive skin
          * 1 product for all surfaces: suitable for floors, hand washing of utensils, bathrooms and toilets, ovens and grills, windows, kitchen work surfaces, etc.
          * 1 L = 25 pcs. 0.5 liter spray bottles with universal cleaner.
          * For very dirty surfaces mix with baking soda in a cleansing paste
          * Flavored with natural essential oils
          * 100% vegan
          * Recycled cardboard packaging, 70% less plastic and biodegradable
          * Certified by ECOCERT Greenlife

          Usage: Suitable for cleaning various waterproof surfaces such as countertops, bathrooms and toilets, floors, walls, windows, etc. Use one cap = 40 ml in 10 l of water to wash floors. To clean working desks, bathroom and toilet In a bottle with a spray pump pour 0.5l. water and add one cap of the universal cleaner, spray and clean the surface with a microfiber cloth.
          About very dirty surfaces are mixed with baking soda in a cleansing paste.

          Ingredients:> 30% water, 5-15% soap *, <5% perfumes (mixture of natural essential oils (citral, linalool, lemon), citric acid, lavender extract *, potassium sorbate, sodium benzoate.

          In the event of eye contact rinse thoroughly with water.

          Storage: Keep away from frost and direct sunlight.
          Keep out of the reach and sight of children.

          Natural cleaner certified by ECOCERT Greenlife according to the ECOCERT standard, available at http://detergents.ecocert.com/en. 99.97% of the ingredients are of natural origin. * 10.26% of all ingredients are from organic farming.

          Ingredients: Water, soap from olive oil, citric acid, essential oils 100% vegan 100% free paraben 100% biodegradable

          Origin: Estonia

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