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      • Sanitary napkins "Jade Freshness"

        Developed by the State Chinese Medical Institute based on traditional health care methods applied in China for more than 5,000 years. Chinese healers, using ancient recipes for the preparation of medicinal preparations, manage to extract 300 ingredients from a single herb!

            Normalize the acid-base balance of the female genitals.
            Prevent the development of pathogenic bacteria (including cystitis).
            Contribute to the restoration of healthy microflora in the vagina.
            Improve blood circulation and relieve swelling in the genital area, eliminating the results of fluid retention (including hemorrhoids).
            Relieve the sensation of pain.
            Reduce menopausal symptoms.
            They support the consolidation of the positive results of the complex therapy.
            Increase muscle tone in the pelvic area and prevent contractions.
            Improve the quality of intimate life.
            They can also be used by men for prostate problems and to increase potency (daily jade "freshness jade" bandages with menthol applied to the perineum are recommended).

            Phytotherapy - Absorption of herbal components directly through the mucous membrane of the external genitalia.
            Phytoncides - essential oils that can kill germs, evaporate from the surface of the dressing and have a harmonizing effect on the meridian Chun Mai and Zhen Mai.
            Acupressure - stimulation of biologically active points by gently pressing the bandage to the body (90 biologically active points)

            The surface of high quality viscose promotes rapid moisture absorption.
            Layer of 100% natural cotton: immediately absorbs liquid and allows the skin to breathe.
            Ultra-absorbent polymer converts the liquid into a gel and prevents it from leaking.
            The outer layer blocks the liquid.
            They are enriched with a patented concentrate of herbal extracts prepared according to the ancient recipes of the healers of the Chinese Tang dynasty.
            Patented FCM composition of 19 herbs with added aloe and mint extracts.

        Herbal "Jade Freshness" dressings include the phytocomposition FCM of 19 herbs (black pepper oil, mustard extracts, chamomile, devil's mouth, Japanese acacia, Amur felodendron, etc.), have passed laboratory and clinical trials, and have a positive effect on :

        Varieties: on the basis of phytocompositions of medicinal herbs, on the basis of phytocompositions of medicinal herbs with menthol, on the basis of phytocompositions of medicinal herbs on the basis of the natural antibiotic - aloe extract.

        They are recommended for: prevention of gynecological diseases, maintenance therapy and to consolidate the results of treatment. Clinically tested.

        Maximum therapeutic and prophylactic effect is achieved in combination with the use of herbal tea "Golden Root" or "Ortilia".

        Herbal medicine is an up-to-date method for the treatment of diseases with the help of medicinal products of plant origin, containing complexes of biologically active substances, fully extracted from the whole plant or from a separate part of it.
        This method is effective in the early stages of the disease, in chronic diseases, as well as in periods of remission and rehabilitation. In acute conditions and severe and chronic diseases - do not forget! - Herbal medicines should be used as an adjunct method that increases the effectiveness and safety of drug therapy and other treatments.
        It is no secret that over the centuries, plants have developed an extraordinary ability to synthesize such effective antibiotics to which even constantly mutating bacteria and viruses can not adapt. In addition, the molecules of essential oils extracted from medicinal herbs almost ten times enhance the effect of other medicinal products. In addition, they are completely eliminated from the body and do not cause side effects.
        Altai herbs included in the phytoteas "Women's Health" have a powerful healing potential. Their effect is enhanced due to the careful selection of phytocomponents.

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