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        • Phytochaeus Seasonal therapy with lime, sweet root and raspberry

          Phytochaeus Seasonal therapy with lime, sweet root and raspberry

          TianDe, Russia
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          Phytochaeus Seasonal therapy with lime, sweet root and raspberry, 30 again. x 1.5 g

          Do not let the cold catch your throat! Breathe with full breasts!

          With phyto-tea "Seasonal therapy with lime, sweet root and raspberry" you will be in shape every season! Tea strengthens the immune system and allows you to feel great even in the coldest and wettest weather. Helps to cope with cough, temperature and viruses!

          It is important to remember: Antiviral therapy should continue from the beginning of autumn to the end of spring!

          Phytochaeus "Seasonal Therapy with Lime, Sweet Root and Raspberry":

          - consists of 100% natural raw materials - Altai fruit, herbs and wild plants harvested in an ecologically clean area. The complex of plants known for their "antitussive" actions will protect you from colds, viruses and coughs.
          - contains 100% natural complex of vitamins, enzymes, microelements and organic acids that are well absorbed by the body;
          - thanks to the modern technology of herb processing, the maximum quantity of valuable substances is preserved;
          - there is a reliable three-layer pack of filter-packs including sachet, box and film. This helps to conserve vitamins, macro and microelements from plants.
          - You can cook 2-3 times and get a rich flavor and aroma.

          Herbal tea composition:
          Fruits of rosehip - a champion in the content of vitamin C and the main enemy of autumn viruses, colds and depressions! Increases overall body resistance, stimulates regeneration processes, has anti-inflammatory properties.
          Lip Color - Helps the body fight the symptoms of a cold. Strengthens sputum extraction, relieves cough, helps destroy bacteria in the human body.
          Nettle leaves - relieve cough, have antiseptic, anticonvulsant, anti-inflammatory properties.
          Mint leaves - have an anti-inflammatory effect, fight the symptoms of an oncoming cold. It has antispasmodic and antiseptic properties, contributes to the reflex expansion of the coronary vessels. The plant has an anesthetic, diaphoretic, warming and diuretic effect.
          Raspberries - a natural antipyretic and help to lower the temperature.
          Roots and roots of sweet root / licorice / - has a pronounced antiviral and antitussive effect. The decoction of the root of this plant helps in chronic fatigue, rapid fatigue, restores the work of the nervous system, normalizes sleep.
          Chamomile color - natural antiseptic and sedative. An excellent tool for the prevention and treatment of colds.
          Cartilage petals - rich in vitamins and trace elements that strengthen the immune system and support the body during the cold season.

          Application: 1 filter pack, pour into 1 cup of hot water (75-80 ˚С). Let it burn for 5-10 minutes. You can add honey or lemon to taste.

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