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            Herbal medicine is a topical method of treatment of diseases using the therapeutic agents of plant origin, containing complexes of biologically active substances, fully extracted from the whole plant or any part.
            This method is effective in the early stages of the disease, in chronic diseases, as well as periods of remission and rehabilitation. In acute and severe and chronic diseases - remember! - Herbal medicines should not be used as an auxiliary method, which increases the effectiveness and safety of drug therapy and other treatments.
            It is no secret that in the centuries of development the plants have developed an exceptional ability to synthesize so effective antibiotics to which even permanently mutating bacteria and viruses can not adapt. Furthermore, the molecules of essential oils extracted from medicinal herbs, almost ten times to amplify the effects of other medicines. Moreover, they are completely removed from the body and do not cause side effects.
            Altai herbs constituting the fitochayovete "Women's Health" have powerful healing potential. The effect is further aggravated due to the careful podbirirane of phytocompounds.

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