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          • Phyto for Men

            Phyto teas series "Gifts of Shambhala" Men of the company TianDe - health, strength, energy, harmony and pleasure in a cup! Each packet carries with it a piece of Altai - herbs, saturated with the sacred energy of the mountains, valleys and healing, crystal clear springs. The aroma of the miraculous drink instantly reminded of a prosperous summer, donated precious moments of peace and tranquility.
            The unique program "Men's Health" includes three 100% natural herbal teas that protect / assist men in their three main problems: Phyto with forest and willow Leuzea - ​​impotence Phyto with willow forest and marsh five-finger - in prostate problems gland Phyto with willow forest and Melissa - insomnia.
            The composition of all teas "Men's Health" is a harmonious blend of selected herbs that contain natural vitamins, enzymes, minerals and organic acids. The basis of all beverages is forest willow / willow herb /, which relieves pain of various origins, inflammation, increases the potency, enhances immunity, rids the body of toxins, helps with insomnia, anemia, infections, colds, refreshes, soothes and improves the condition of hair . Forest willow contains phytosterols, flavonoids and tannins, which have preventive and curative effect on inflammation of the prostate, urethra, in the first and second stage of prostate adenoma.

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