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        • Original Canadian maple syrup 375 ml

          Original Canadian maple syrup

          Zdravnitsa, Bulgaria
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          - 100% natural product
          - Ecologically clean product with proven quality
          - Made in Canada
          - Class A (Light)
          - No added sugar or other substances

          Original Canadian maple syrup 375 ml

          Hundreds of years ago, long before the white man set foot on the shores of North America, the Northeast Indians extracted maple syrup by making incisions in the stems with their tomahawks.

          The dripping sap from the trees was collected in containers made of birch bark. The Indians obtained a delicious dark syrup by thickening the juice by adding hot stones to carved birch troughs.

          Arriving in the New World, the North American settlers quickly learned the art of making maple syrup from the Indians. In practice, white settlers improved syrup production by using iron drills to drill trees and copper or iron teapots to make juice. Over time, they began to rely heavily on maple syrup to sweeten their food.

          Today, these early methods have been refined, but the annual spring juice collection and maple syrup production remains a true Canadian tradition.

          What exactly is maple syrup?

          The original Canadian maple syrup is a natural food product processed by heating concentrated pure maple resin.

          The original Canadian maple syrup consists mainly of sucrose and water, organic acids. It also contains amino acids, has a wide variety of volatile organic compounds. However, it is not yet known exactly which compounds give the maple syrup its characteristic taste.

          The original Canadian maple syrup contains: potassium, calcium, magnesium and manganese.

          Potassium helps maintain the energy of cells, as well as provides constant protection of the heart. Calcium is especially important for bones.

          The original Canadian maple syrup contains: Niacin; vitamins: B5, B2, B6; folic acid, biotin and vitamin A.

          The original Canadian maple syrup contains a minimum of 66% sugars. Maple syrup and maple are symbols of Canada and several American states, most notably Vermont.

          Three types of maple syrup categorization have been adopted in Canada: Class # 1 (Extra light), also known as “AA”, Light (“A”), Medium - “B”, Amber (Amber) - “C” and Dark - “D”

          The United States uses slightly different classification standards. Maple syrup is divided into two main categories: Class A and Class B. Class A is further divided into three sub-categories: Light Amber (also known as Fancy), Medium Amber and Dark Amber.

          What grade is the original Canadian maple syrup?

          In Canada, the categorization of this type of product differs from that known here. In Bulgaria, the German categorization is more widespread - Class A, B and C.

          The original Canadian maple syrup is categorized as Class - Light. As a quality it is equal to the Class A known here.

          Under Canadian law, manufacturers are not allowed to patent or brand a product such as Maple Syrup if it contains various impurities such as sugar or flour. This is another proof of the quality and authenticity of the product.

          Health benefits:
          There are a number of specialized studies that prove that the original Canadian maple syrup has a large number of anti-inflammatory antioxidant compounds that help prevent various chronic and inflammatory diseases.

          1. Choose it clean
          You can trust the real maple syrup, which can improve the immune system, the condition of the skin, and also soothe the stomach and intestines in case of stomach problems.

          Many pancake syrups are made with processed sugars such as. corn syrup instead of real maple syrup. Look for syrup without refined sugars and most importantly on the bottle label to write pure maple syrup, advise nutritionists from Dallas, USA, quoted by health.com.

          2. Protects against diseases
          If you eat maple syrup on muesli and other cereals, it can help protect against inflammatory diseases such as cancer, osteoporosis and Alzheimer's, according to a study at the University of Rhode Island, USA. The sweet temptation is "buckwheat" with polyphenols (compounds of plant origin that act as antioxidants). Add a few blueberries to the muesli to enhance the antioxidant properties of your breakfast

          3. Means for rejuvenation
          The antioxidants in maple syrup are also natural anti-aging agents. The syrup acts on the skin like any antioxidant cream for topical application, repairing the damage caused by free radicals and environmental influences, explains June Jacobs, head of a spa.

          4. With bloating
          The next time you make baked cakes, replace the sugar with maple syrup. This reduces the likelihood of indigestion, gas and bloating compared to refined sweeteners. Its specific taste combines perfectly with buttermilk and coffee cookies. How to use it in the recipe? Simply replace the sugar with the same amount of maple syrup and reduce the amount of liquid that is given by about ½ cup.

          5. Stops the cold
          Maple syrup contains nutrients such as zinc and manganese, which can help ward off disease, according to another study. Zinc maintains a high number of white blood cells, which is vital for boosting the immune system, says naturopath Dr. Michael Murray, co-author of the Encyclopedia of Medicinal Foods. Manganese protects blood cells from inflammation, in a nutshell: you will no longer snore.

          Maple syrup for weight loss (Diet with maple syrup)
          If you ask what is the most popular weight loss method practiced by women and men, the answer is "Maple Syrup Diet". It is ideal both for weight loss and for cleansing the body. With this diet you can lose 5 to 10 kg. in just 10 days. This is due to the active reduction of fat accumulation and the efficient elimination of toxins from the body. The maple syrup diet can be applied three to four times a year.

          The maple syrup diet has a positive effect on the skin, hair, digestive system, mental and physical condition. By following the diet you will have more strength and energy.

          Purification of the body
          Nowadays, our body is subject to constant attacks from the environment, various pesticides, artificial sweeteners and flavors, poor quality drinking water, poor food quality and much more. These pollutants over time contribute to the "breakdown" of the human body.

          With the help of the original Canadian maple syrup you can cleanse your body of toxins, stabilize your immune system and raise your vitality. With the original Canadian maple syrup you can overcome allergies, headaches, chronic fatigue, arthritis and more.

          Original Canadian maple syrup.

          Nutritional values ​​per 100 ml:
          Energy: 1142 kJ / 273 kcal
          Carbohydrates: 68.3 g
          Sucrose: 60.6 g
          Fat: 0 g
          Protein: 0 g
          Sodium: 1.2 mg

          How to use:
          For direct consumption or use in cooking.

          The original Canadian maple syrup in cooking:
          In addition to its many health benefits, Genuine Canadian Maple Syrup can also be used to:
          - Pancakes, waffles, French toast;
          - When consuming ice cream and yogurt;
          - Sweetening coffee or tea;
          - Sugar substitute for baking;
          - Flavoring of cakes and pastries;
          - Flavoring of dishes, salads and muesli.

          The use of genuine Canadian maple syrup is not limited to these situations. Use your imagination and this way you will find that it improves the taste of many foods.

          The original Canadian maple syrup can be frozen without losing its properties.

          Once opened, store in the refrigerator!

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