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        • Organic safflower oil

          Organic safflower oil

          Clearspring, UK
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          500ml Organic safflower oil

          From controlled bio-production. Unrefined cold pressed.

          Saffron with its beautiful yellow flowers is a member of the thistle family and grows in the dry regions of Africa, Asia and North America.

          High in Vitamin E. Rich in unsaturated fatty acids. With a soft, soft taste. Ideal for foods requiring delicate flavor oil to dip, marinades and dressings. Heat treatment is not recommended.

          Nutritional values ​​per 100g
          Energy 3404 kJ / 828 kcal
          Fat 92g
          - of which saturated fatty acids 8g
          - monounsaturated 15g
          - polyunsaturated 64g
          Carbohydrates 0g
          - of which sugars 0g
          Proteins 0g
          Salt 0g
          Vitamin E 37mg (308% DRC *)
          * RDC = Daily reference quantities

          Storage: In a cool and dark place.
          Origin: outside the EU
          Country of Manufacture: Italy

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