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        • Oil of Tamyan

          Oil of Tamyan

          TACT - CPG Syria
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          60 ml Oil of Tamyan, 100% naturally cold pressed.

          For a healthy uterus: Controls the production of Estrogen, prevents the appearance of tumors during menopause, regulates menstruation, supports the uterus well. Useful to treat other problems with the female reproductive system.

          Astringent: Stimulates the roots of the hair, muscles, intestines, and blood vessels. Nourishes the gums and helps with hair loss. Used to relieve diarrhea. Prevents loss of control in the abdominal and limb muscles in the elderly. Collapses blood, reduces wound bleeding and cuts.

          For the treatment of asthma: It can be breathed directly from the bottle, or the back and chest can be smeared for relief.
          For good oral health: Has strong antiseptic properties, helps treat many problems in the oral cavity, such as infections, toothache, nausea and bad breath.

          In case of digestive problems: Great for people suffering from severe acidity and indigestion. It improves the secretion of gastric fluid and facilitates the movement of food in front of the intestine.

          For skin: Rejuvenates skin, used to treat wounds, scars, pimples, stretch marks, and bums. It also has an anti-age effect and reduces wrinkles.

          Regulates hormones and treats depression.

          Contains Seskilvirpenes, which stimulate the brain, pituitary gland and hypothalamus.

          To boost the immune system - apply a few drops to the toes.

          Lubricate the bottom of the neck to increase concentration and attention.

          Many scientific studies have shown that incense oil has properties that help fight cancer. It is known that the oil has a toxic effect on cellular inhibition in many of the known cancer cell lines such as leukemia, melanoma, colon cancer, prostate cancer, fibrotic cells and pancreatic cancer.


          External 2 times a day.

          Inner one teaspoon a day.

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