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        • Bio vinegar from Honey

          Bio vinegar from Honey

          VEDA, Bulgaria
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          500 ml Bio vinegar from Honey

          Organic vinegar made through the process of fermentation of ecologically clean honey.

          5% acidity

          The vine is obtained by alcoholic (mead) and acetic acid fermentation from organic honey. Preserving the natural content of vitamins and minerals of honey, the product has a refined flavor and taste.

          Honey is one of the purest natural foods for general strengthening. It has many applications, has antimicrobial and antiviral activity and is a strong natural antioxidant.

          Not without reason, the ancient physicians and philosophers have so much appreciated the honey, considering it as a miraculous means of health and longevity.

          As a product honey bee vinegar has been known to mankind as early as 5,000 years before Christ. And the ancient Egyptians prepared it for 500 years before they even knew the vineyards.

          In the Middle Ages (17th Century), when the plague epidemic covered the whole of Europe, this vinegar was often used as a disinfectant against the plague.

          When we talk about vinegar, we mean the liquid that comes from the fermentation of mead, under the influence of acetic acid bacteria.

          Unbelievable, but a fact! Bee honey can produce a product that preserves all its nutritional and healthy properties known from experience.

          With the addition of water and fermentation, the honey is converted into honey and by the method of acetic acid fermentation in modern assay apparatus, under strict control of temperature and air quantity, this extraordinary product is produced - copper vinegar.

          In the production of copper vinegar a minimum amount of sulphites is used, preservatives and colorants are not used. Typical in this case is that the liquid is not pasteurized because it is very important that the bacteria contained in the vinegar are kept alive. About 90% of these are identical to the bacteria in our stomach. They act as a disinfectant as a remedy for the bacterial gastric flora.

          Vinegar of honey has a very distinctive golden color, delicate copper aroma and is light and pleasant to taste.

          100 grams of honey vinegar contain only 30 calories.

          Buying your honey vinegar, you can use it in both the culinary industry for acidifying and preserving foods, for home-made heat treatment, insect bites, varicose veins, as well as in the household for deodorization, scalding, and much more.

          Not heat-treated, not containing artificial colors and flavors.

          Sludge appears to be a natural process and does not affect the quality of the product.

          This product won an award for an innovative product at the largest specialized exhibition in the food industry in Asia - SIAL China 2016 in Shanghai.

          Origin: Bulgaria

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