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        • Anti-acne toner

          Anti-acne toner

          Bodi Beauty, Bulgaria
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          Anti-acne toner BILE-GD

          Product Natural Action
          The second step to clean and bright skin is fast working and powerful to clear up excess sebum and reduce sebaceous secretions. Tightens dilated pores and inhibits bacterial growth, thus targeting the source of blemishes.

          Maintains skin's natural moisture balance. Soothes inflammations and relieves skin redness.

          Key Ingredients
          The genuine blend of herbal extracts (Chamomile, Common Blam, Milfoil), Tea Tree Oil, Vitamins, Alpha-Bisabolol, Hydroxy Acids ( Lactic and Salicylic) and Camphor controls production of sebaceous oils, disinfects and neutralizes bacteria.

          Is this the right product for me
          For oily and combination skin, both male and female. Perfect for daily use.

          Morning and evening smooth onto skin, using a cotton pad. For best results follow with BILLE-GD Anti-Acne Gel or Cream Gel.

          100 ml bottle

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